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  1. I was taking 100mg of topamax twice a day for about a year and a half. About 4 weeks ago I stopped taking it. I didn't have any withdraw but my mood has been up and down ever since. I stopped taking it because I missed my personality but this is causing me to miss work and my friends aren't pleased with me. I didn't tell my doctor I stopped because he already doesn't want to treat me anymore. I guess my question is how I should get back up to my dosage quickly. I need to control the mood swings ASAP.
  2. I dont miss breathing

  3. My best friend's motto is "Never stick your dick in crazy." He is still in the friend zone to this day.

    1. Socially Unacceptable

      Socially Unacceptable

      probably a good thing..

  4. I don’t want to miss you anymore.

  5. Everything is making me cry today. I am so sorry.

    1. sourlemon


      oh bite. i hope it passes quick.

  6. really muscly guys arent cute eh where are the skinny drug addicts at

  7. I got that bitch a plunger. Bitches love bringing up old shit.

    1. meganhalley



  8. As it turns out, people are pretty good at hiding things from a society in which openness and honesty are met with hostility and disbelief.

  9. And we could dance. Dance cdancedcancescanceeeeee to the radio.

  10. Why does it hurt

    1. Duelist


      Sometimes it hurts, no telling why though. If you need us come back to chat, we're here for you Bite....

  11. Wellbutrin isn't doing shit for my depression but it is making smoking really gross!!!! But wait - smoking is bad for you! That's a good thing! Well for me, enjoying a cigarette is a way to cope. For that time I'm more relaxed and enjoying myself! Yep! So why not get off the wellbutrin? I'm waiting to get into an iop program and ill have a new pdoc so for now were leaving everything where it's at. Anyways, I need ideas on what I can possibly do about this!!!! I need something to replace this habit! I keep going to light up and every time I go to hit it i literally gag!!! So gross!!!!
  12. Bleed your pain into me

  13. I'm on it now as a mood stabiliser. It didn't affect my appetite or taste at all. It made me pretty dumb though. i forget my phone number and password, and I totaled my car and stopped driving for 3 months.
  14. But you seem to have forgotten, The promises you promised, Where you do not forget about me.

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