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  1. I am going to quit. I just smoked one one day with my dad thinking I wouldn't get addicted and now i'm up to 9-10 cigarettes a day. I called my pdoc and she is putting me back on depakote and we are going to discuss going off of lamictal at my next appointment. I tried Lamictal before and it gave me bad obsessive thoughts and mania, I figured this time would be different but it's not different. Thanks for the advice guys
  2. I am new here, so forgive me if there is a thread already answering this question... but has anybody experienced worse mood swings and bad mixed episodes while taking Lamictal? I am schizoaffective bipolar type and I recently switched from 1250 mg of depakote to lamictal. I'm up to 150 mg of Lamictal, and I feel worse. I'm having bad mixed episodes, hypomania, and bad anxiety. It's a really bad feeling. by the way, I started smoking 3 weeks ago (I know, bad)... could that be making my mood swings and anxiety worse?
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