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    Nothing interests me atm other than dealing with my bipolar disorder in a finaciallly feasible way. Thats not true i enjoy watching yankees games.

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  1. I was nearly narcoleptic on depakote. I am on a low dose of lithium and a high dose of saphris now and have been stable for 4 years. I don't recommend saphris though. Withdrawals are awful and long lasting.
  2. Another update: I saved up three weeks of vacation to tough out withdrawals but then retried reseaching withdrawal times, symptoms and sucess stories and found one site saying withdrawal will last 90 days or more for long term users. I found many horror stories and not one story of sucess getting off. So... I will have to wait until I am not working to try. I am almost deaf so may be on SSDI within a few years then I will reassess. Still taking 5mg every two -three hours at night for sleep.
  3. Life without chat is just not worth living.. Oh wait there's still bacon and boobs nevermind.
  4. But Trump will make 'merica great again! Why would you want to leave?!
  5. Granted but you happiness cost you a dollar a minute. I wish I could see everyones boobies.
  6. I know this probably isn't going to go over well but I don't think you are drinking enough to be in serious risk of dts. I drank every night for a long period of time drinking more than 10 drinks a night and I was able to stop cold turkey.
  7. Who keeps breaking chat? Different error message today.
  8. I think chat is fixed. I got in first try and there were 7 people in there.
  9. Any bets on how long before chat is fixed? My bet is three days
  10. How annoying. I had a mother that lived below me that used to scream at her kids all the time. I wouldn't call the cops but still.
  11. We should just make this thread chat and talk about whatever we like. That being said.... Boobs.
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