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  1. I was curious how many people have been separated from parents or someone else in your early childhood? I think it caused my BPD. It would explain a lot. I started seeing a counselor at age 10 at the recommendation of my teacher. This counselor said if I am ever diagnosed with problems my separation from my birth parents and previous neglect are most likely the cause. I am just curious if anyone else has been separated. I read it is a common history for those with BPD. In my signature is my story... revised.... very much revised. My full story is long but for anyone actually willing to read it
  2. Well hello I had an account on here before-I think it was Bipolar_femme or something like that. Any who I forgot my login. Plus my diagnosis has changed since then. I have been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and avoidant personality disorder. I am a 17 year old home schooled (Due my issues) girl. I regularly visit a wolf sanctuary and have fallen in love with those wolves. I hope to share and get help at the same time here. P.S. I am a little socially awkward do to the fact I don't go to school or have many friends and only really get to see one of them anyways... sometimes
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