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  1. That's so nice to hear. Sertraline did absolutely nothing for me; awesome that it works for others. You mentioned that you started feeling some improvement at 50mg. In retrospect, that could have been your partial response and the bump up to 100mg was what you needed.
  2. Thank you. My pdoc's take was that the lab test said one thing but the clinical picture said another. If I'm fine; he's not going to go by numbers. Sounds good to me. :)
  3. Hi everyone (especially those on the LOLcats threads!). Long time. Was wondering about something. I'm on 500mg of Lamotrigine as the mainstay of my treatment. I believe this is quite a high dose. I've recently moved - new pdoc - who took a Lamotrigine blood level. I forget the units, but he said he aims for a therapeutic level of 30 - 40. Mine is only 11. So if a max dose is considered around 600mg, however am I going to reach a "therapeutic level"?
  4. You don't, sadly. The recommended doses are the doses which have been most effective in most people. So docs use that as a guideline. If there is a partial response at one dose (like you seem to indicate is happening with you) it's a good sign - it's been what, 4 weeks now? If after a few more weeks, it's still only a partial response, your doc may increase it, so long as you aren't already at the top of the recommended effective dose. Tl; dr. There are general guidelines but you won't know yours until you get a response. Hope that helps? :)
  5. You count from the first day of reaching the effective dose. But the wait may be shortened from 6-8 weeks to less. YMMV.
  6. It takes a while, sometimes years, sometimes decades, to realise that mixing alcohol and any psych meds is a dumb thing to do. Sorry if that offends you, but really...
  7. This is not a LOL, but it is very cute - and true.
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