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  1. I feel the same way when I get better, however rare an occasion that might be. To be honest the word depression has been devalued in society and now people use it all the time when their sports team don't win, when their car is broken, when they are bored "omg, I'm so depressed". Depression is most certainly real and yes it is in our heads because that is where our brains and minds are.
  2. Hi all My thread was closed and I have been away on Friday and then had some physical health problems, when I came back I could not reply so I have had to open this topic. I will start by saying that this is called the confessional and I choose to write down what I did, confessing to it. We seem to have different values and beliefs and I will stick by mine. In terms of illegal things people might have done in the past, I feel that doing an illegal thing such as drugs in the past is not the same as what happened with that guy. I am passionate about animal welfare, along with the welfare of children, the elderly and vulnerable people and what I did came from a place of caring about animals. I did not want to open this thread but my rights to freedom of speech were taken away from me when it was closed. I'm sure some members feel the way I do about it but they might not want to reply because they have seen the response I have got. Take Care
  3. ^^^ I had no fucking idea what zoophile meant, and I don't want to be friends with people who find it acceptable because he is now sorry about it, anyways I have to go to bed now.
  4. ^your making major assumptions about me, I never once mentioned mental illness. what he did at age 11 or 12 was a criminal act, he didn't even say he was mentally ill at the time, don't you dare suggest that I'm saying one mental illness is worse then another. Do not make fucking assumptions about what I consider moral and don't make suggestions that something could be legal and immoral and I would find it acceptable.
  5. Furthermore, I have done NOTHING legally wrong. So you Fuck off.
  6. yes I understand, I like that you can talk openly, but some things are just too bad to write about, it also must upset many members?
  7. i'm not doing this to be self, serving, I feel it's something he should not have done in the first place and then you should not talk about it. pick on people?, I was not picking on anything, what he did was wrong, I have never done anything at that level. He should feel guilty. can one of the mods delete the post?
  8. oh dear i'm in trouble?, even though what he did was highly illegal?
  9. Hi I just read the post's about the guy and the dog, I was physically sick, and disgusted, I wrote to the member "hi, I just read that post about the dog, I was physically sick and I think it's pretty disgusting,12 years old is old enough to know what you were doing was wrong, get some help" am I in trouble?
  10. Hi, I'm also 26 and have got welfare benefits for over 3 years now, I have also got one relative who is 74 and had lived of welfare since she was 19,I worry constantly, everyday that I will end up like that. But at the same time I do not see a way to get of it, I rely on that money to keep me housed and fed, every year they review it and I spend a few months scared out of my brain which prevents me from recovery and makes me even more scared to start work as I would have to wait a month to be paid.
  11. Nope. That is bullshit. Some people will be kind and friendly regardless, and some people will treat others like shit regardless. But just because some people may treat you poorly, doesn't mean you can't or shouldn't treat yourself well. You do deserve to be treated well. This is so true!. at some point in your life you have to get to a point where you don't care what people think if it is good or bad. it's hard, but once your their you are more in control of your own identity, im not saying that it you never get affected by things people say, but you don't let it affect you as severely.
  12. I had to lol at Olga considering 22 chilly, we brits will walk around in shorts and get the barbeque out at that level of heat. *decorating your home is expensive and quite frankly impossible when you are poor. You can replace the cushion covers for little and the colour of your throws.I had some old picture frames so I went to the DIY store and got some modern and new style wall paper samples, put them in the frames and it sort of updates the walls as mine are plain. The frames were large ones, so i go a few metres of samples. We do get free nicotine patch's and an appointment with the advisor once every 2 weeks, but it's pretty useless, they don't go into behaviours therapy of any kind, you blow into a tube and then they give you a prescription for the patch's. Also the first few days is the hardest for smokers ,with your appointment being weeks away, you need someone to keep telling you that your doing well and keep going.
  13. hi glad things went well with the doctor and good luck with the psychiatrist. I have such bad anxiety at the moment that I am shaking from the inside and my heart palpitation's are every five minutes. the best thing I can say to deal with anxiety is for the short term is to go for a walk, it seem to help me a little with the racing thoughts, my racing thoughts play on a loop, I think this is OCD?, maybe ask him about the possibility of OCD?
  14. Hi, I don't know if you can do this, but print this page or write down what you wrote her and show it to him, I think you have explained yourself very clearly here.
  15. Hi I'm in a different country and going through a similar thing, however despite the fact I have Mi and don't leave my apartment, Iam being left without money because I do not have a physical disability, it blows. Contact your mental heal professionals immediately and get all their letters and information about appointments you have had with them. If like me you are finding your MI symptoms are getting worse as a result of losing your welfare then call them and arrange a crisis appointment, I'm going to have to do this next week for sure, my panic attacks are through the roof. I understand how it feels not to be mentally capable because of their decision, it makes stability a whole lot worse.
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