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  1. Sorry I do not think I explained myself very well. I will try again. I was working for a massive organisation which provided its services to smaller organisations. They are trying to get the smaller organisations to do some of the administrative work for them so that is why I and six others lost their job. I was the administrator. When I found out my contract was going to end , I decided to look on the extranet and found positions available within the smaller organisations, those same organisations we were providing our services to. So the job I applied for is actually very simular to my previous job except with added responsibilities. I felt I deserved more pay than that. I don't think they realise what I was getting.
  2. What country are you in? In the UK your first point of contact would be your GP who will then make a referral to a psychiatrist.
  3. I do not think it is illegal here in the UK. It is definately not an internship. I am 28. I personally do not mind working for free as long as it would lead to a job. But I took advise from my dad and he said better not take it. It may not lead to a job and they may be taking advantage. They said one week trial and three month probation which would be paid.
  4. It really does depend on how it was said, your tone of voice and expression so I agree with starship.
  5. Well she said that she wants commitment on the job. The other people who have been working there have been working there 10 years plus. They don't want to train someone who is going to up and leave. I asked them if there was any room for progression so I can move up within the company and I did not get a straight forward answer. Obviously when you enter a job you don't expect to stay there 10 years plus. Well, at least not I.
  6. My contract ended recently. I was getting paid £10.37 per hour. Good pay in my opinion. Had an interview this week and they said they would like to trail me out but that I’d have to work free for the first week, for about 15 hours a week. Is this even legal? The pay is about £7 per hour thereafter. It feels dodgy but I am not sure what to do.
  7. I strongly feel it is the abilify giving me the palpitations. But this morning my heart beat was completely normal so I have no clue what's going on.
  8. I did today see my care co-ordinator. Apparently, it is just anxiety. Yesterday went into A&E and they said everything is clear.
  9. I have psychical symptoms. I get hot, I feel like I'm sweating but don't actually sweat and I have a pulse rate of 90-109. I can feel the palpitations and get out of breath every few minutes. Now this has not happened before.
  10. I very recently lost my job a few weeks ago. I was upset because I enjoyed it so much. But I am not stressed because I live with my family and am very grateful that I have food on the table and a roof over my head. As an atheist, I find myself interested in tarot cards, reading horoscopes, astrology and reading spiritual literature. WTH? Is this a psychotic episode? I still do not believe in god but feel sort of spiritually connected to everything. This is what happened when I had a psychotic episode last. It is weird. I cannot explain it well so I apologise. The psychiatrist seemed concerned but obviously not that concerned if she wanted to see me a month later. I am extremely concerned because I am going on holiday in less than 3 months and do not want this to develop into a full blown episode. I got insurance but it’s not going to be the same there. I obviously have other symptoms but do not want to make this long.
  11. I got weird side effects from it, like leaking breasts and also could not sleep at all. But I was taking it along with Aripiprizole at the time.
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