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  1. FlamelessCandle, Yes fentanyl is a very strong drug. When I started suboxone I was initially put on 16mg. I stayed at that dose for a couple of weeks long enough to "stabilize" because my doctor told me I needed to before he'd change my dose. But at 16mg I was still having horrible withdrawals. Finally after 3 weeks of suffering my doctor upped my dose to 24mg and my withdrawals and cravings had dropped to nothing!
  2. FlamelessCandle, Thank you for your response. It was a very big change in my life. And I am very happy that I made that choice. It was not easy transitioning (or inducting as the sub doctors say) from fentanyl to suboxone. I was started off at 16mg/day if suboxone, but still had withdrawals and cravings. So my doctor upped the dose to 24mg/day. I started out dropping 1mg/3days until I found my lowest comfortable dose. Which was 8mg. I then did a much slower taper from 8mg to 4mg only dropping 1mg every couple weeks or so. And when I get down to 1mg I plan to cut that in half before quit
  3. Hello everyone. I am a recovering opiate addict. I'll tell my story of using. I started when I was 13-14 and it ended about 9 months ago when I got onto suboxone and got my life back. (I realize suboxone is not a cure, I am currently tapering off of it.) I started using Vicodin a few times a week and by the time of my 15tg birthday I was using heavily and daily. I had become addicted. My father and grandmother are also opiate addicts and they would provide me with the opiates whenever I needed them. When I was 16 I got pregnant and I was able to taper down and get onto Tramadol,
  4. Hello everyone and thank you for your replies. I am not sure why my doctor put me on the adderall before my bipolar disorder was completely under control. Honestly I am thinking about switching doctors. I told my doc that I was still experiencing mood swings and that I'm still cycling and she added abilify, which in higher doses works as a mood stabilizer, instead of just upping my dose of depakote. I took seroquel before, and that worked pretty well for me. But during my years of opiate abuse I stopped taking my psych meds. They don't work when you're in "active" addiction anyways. At le
  5. Hello all. I am a 21 year old mother of two. I am a recovering opiate addict. I am on suboxone, have been for 10 months. I started out at 24mg/day and am currently only taking 4mg/day. I'm tapering and will be jumping off soon. I am also bipolar I with rapid cycling/mixed episodes. And I have adult ADHD. I know, I know you're thinking how fucked up can one 21 year old girl be? But I guess I've just got the worst luck! My medications: 20mg IR adderall 2X/day. (9am and 12pm) 40mg Prozac (for the depression associated with bipolar disorder) 25mg Abilify (Mood stabilizer) 750mg Depakote
  6. Hey there, I currently take 20mg IR at 7-8am and then another 20mg IR around 2-3pm. I did have trouble sleeping because of the adderall, but my doctor prescribed Diazepam (Valium) 10mg to help me sleep and now I have no problem at all.
  7. Hello everyone and thank you for the warm welcome! Phoenix_rising, thank you it means a lot that you acknowledge the quitting the opiates. It is a very big deal for me! And I am so proud if myself. You're right. It was not easy at all. Especially because if how much and how strong opiates I was using. Canuck, thank you I do have a lot on my plate! But I am getting through it!
  8. Hello I am new to this forum. Well new as in I just joined but I have been reading on the forum for a bit. I guess I should introduce myself. I'm Jasmine. I am a 21 year old mother of two and I am engaged to be married. I was diagnosed with ADHD as a child and bipolar I disorder with rapid cycling in my late teens. I am also an opiate addict. I used opiated for 7-8 years, I started when I was 13-14 years old. I am still technically taking an opiate, but my doctor would say that I am out of active addiction since I've been on suboxone as a maintenance medication for 9 months now. I used opi
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