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  1. FlamelessCandle, Yes fentanyl is a very strong drug. When I started suboxone I was initially put on 16mg. I stayed at that dose for a couple of weeks long enough to "stabilize" because my doctor told me I needed to before he'd change my dose. But at 16mg I was still having horrible withdrawals. Finally after 3 weeks of suffering my doctor upped my dose to 24mg and my withdrawals and cravings had dropped to nothing!
  2. FlamelessCandle, Thank you for your response. It was a very big change in my life. And I am very happy that I made that choice. It was not easy transitioning (or inducting as the sub doctors say) from fentanyl to suboxone. I was started off at 16mg/day if suboxone, but still had withdrawals and cravings. So my doctor upped the dose to 24mg/day. I started out dropping 1mg/3days until I found my lowest comfortable dose. Which was 8mg. I then did a much slower taper from 8mg to 4mg only dropping 1mg every couple weeks or so. And when I get down to 1mg I plan to cut that in half before quitting. Thank you!!
  3. Hello everyone. I am a recovering opiate addict. I'll tell my story of using. I started when I was 13-14 and it ended about 9 months ago when I got onto suboxone and got my life back. (I realize suboxone is not a cure, I am currently tapering off of it.) I started using Vicodin a few times a week and by the time of my 15tg birthday I was using heavily and daily. I had become addicted. My father and grandmother are also opiate addicts and they would provide me with the opiates whenever I needed them. When I was 16 I got pregnant and I was able to taper down and get onto Tramadol, a synthetic opiated, and quit. I didn't want my baby to be born addicted. But during childbirth I was given a very strong opiate and I relapsed. I used every day since then until the suboxone. I was using fentanyl patches. I would buy 3 100mcg/hr patches a day. I would be wearing one at all times, changing to a fresh one daily. I would immediately chew up the old patch, since there is still quite a bit of fentanyl in the patch after you take it off. Especially since its supposed to be work for 3 days and I only wore them for one. After putting on my new patch, I had 2 other new patches, I would cut them into pieces and "cheek" them throughout the day. Basically you stick it to the inside of your cheek.. After a while I'd just chew them up. Now if you don't understand how strong these fentanyl patches are them I'll explain a bit about them. Fentanyl is 100 times more potent than morphine. So 100mcg (thets MICROgrams) of fentanyl is equal to 10mg of morphine. And these patches are designed to deliver 100mcg per hour into your system. And I was getting that plus whatever the ammount was in the pieces I'd chew throughout the day. I tried to quit cold turkey. That didn't go well. I swear it was worse than the heroin withdrawals I had been through before were! Fentanyl withdrawals are just obnoxious! Lol. I went to a detox facility that used suboxone. I stayed and was on suboxone for five days. I began to withdrawal from the suboxone 4-5 days after my last dose and I was miserable. So I relapsed. I found a suboxone doctor and got on a maintainence dose. I've since been tapering. I started off at 24mg/day about 9 months ago and am currently at 4mg/day. I know that the suboxone won't cure me. So I am going to see a therapist. I am doing the things I need to and learning the things I need to in order to stay sober after I get off of the suboxone. My plan is to do a long and slow taper and taper down to .5mg or less. Then quit. My doctor will prescribe me comfort meds when it is time to quit the suboxone so the mild withdrawals that I will have won't bother me. I don't really have a question. Just wanted to share my story. Feel free to share your opini
  4. Hello everyone and thank you for your replies. I am not sure why my doctor put me on the adderall before my bipolar disorder was completely under control. Honestly I am thinking about switching doctors. I told my doc that I was still experiencing mood swings and that I'm still cycling and she added abilify, which in higher doses works as a mood stabilizer, instead of just upping my dose of depakote. I took seroquel before, and that worked pretty well for me. But during my years of opiate abuse I stopped taking my psych meds. They don't work when you're in "active" addiction anyways. At least that is why my doctor told me. Being a recovering addict I was afraid of taking the adderall because it has a high potential for abuse. But I've been very strict with myself and only taking it as prescribed. It does help very much with my ADHD. That I've had since I was a child. I was on Ritalin for years as an adolescent. But I stopped taking that when I started using opiates as well. I have stopped the adderall and nothing has changed. Still manic. So I'm thankful it's not the adderall because it worked so well for me. I have another question. I am gaining quite a bit if weight with the Prozac and depakote, is there anything I can do besides eating right and exercising to stop this from happening? I am a very healthy person. Since I got sober I eat right. And I work out often. At least a few times a week. And I run daily, but I'm still gaining weight! Help! Lol.
  5. Hello all. I am a 21 year old mother of two. I am a recovering opiate addict. I am on suboxone, have been for 10 months. I started out at 24mg/day and am currently only taking 4mg/day. I'm tapering and will be jumping off soon. I am also bipolar I with rapid cycling/mixed episodes. And I have adult ADHD. I know, I know you're thinking how fucked up can one 21 year old girl be? But I guess I've just got the worst luck! My medications: 20mg IR adderall 2X/day. (9am and 12pm) 40mg Prozac (for the depression associated with bipolar disorder) 25mg Abilify (Mood stabilizer) 750mg Depakote (Mood stabilizer) I was origonally just on the depakote, but the doctor added abilify last month for some reason. Not really sure why. Because I have the rapid cycling, with some mixed mood episodes, the Depakote is recommended. It is worked pretty well for me so far. Although I get kind of manic or hypomania at times. But my question is really about taking the adderall with the bipolar disorder. Can it interact with my depakote. I mean like can it make it work less well or can the addy cause me to be manic more often? Hmm. Maybe I'm posting in the wrong thread for this question. I hope that somebody has an answer for me lol. Thanks much. Much Love. -Jazz
  6. Hey there, I currently take 20mg IR at 7-8am and then another 20mg IR around 2-3pm. I did have trouble sleeping because of the adderall, but my doctor prescribed Diazepam (Valium) 10mg to help me sleep and now I have no problem at all.
  7. Hello everyone and thank you for the warm welcome! Phoenix_rising, thank you it means a lot that you acknowledge the quitting the opiates. It is a very big deal for me! And I am so proud if myself. You're right. It was not easy at all. Especially because if how much and how strong opiates I was using. Canuck, thank you I do have a lot on my plate! But I am getting through it!
  8. Hello I am new to this forum. Well new as in I just joined but I have been reading on the forum for a bit. I guess I should introduce myself. I'm Jasmine. I am a 21 year old mother of two and I am engaged to be married. I was diagnosed with ADHD as a child and bipolar I disorder with rapid cycling in my late teens. I am also an opiate addict. I used opiated for 7-8 years, I started when I was 13-14 years old. I am still technically taking an opiate, but my doctor would say that I am out of active addiction since I've been on suboxone as a maintenance medication for 9 months now. I used opiates very heavily for the past 3 years until 9 months ago. And during that time I did not take my psych meds. I began taking them a week after I quit the fentanyl patches and started the suboxone. I am currently taking 40mg Prozac and 20mg Abilify for the bipolar disorder. I am taking 40mg adderall for the ADHD (20mg in the morning and another 20mg in the afternoon.) And as I mentioned I am taking suboxone for opiate addiction maintenance. I have been tapering my suboxone dose for 7-8 months now. I started at 24mg/day and am now taking 4mg/day. And in my opinion that is pretty damn good! I hope you all enjoyed reading my introduction! I don't really have a question right now lol. But I probably will soon and I will post it on the appropriate thread. If you have any questions feel free to ask me.
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