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  1. So, here's the thing. I have been trying to decide if I'm gay or bisexual. My romantic orientation is strictly homosexual while my sexual orientation is homosexual leaning male. Thoughts?
  2. No. It is not quite that invasive. I will quote a medical website with a brief description.
  3. That's interesting. Someone I know is a schizophrenic and is on two of those medications. He's had no such problems. In fact, he does quite well on his current regimen. He's about as high functioning as one can be. Interestingly enough, I have no history of schizophrenia, but Paxil causes medication induced psychosis in me in the form of homicidal ideations. I don't have that problem with other SSRIs, just Paxil as far as I know.
  4. I have talked to both my primary physician and an orthopedic surgeon. I have decided it's time to have tennis elbow release. Has anyone here ever had the surgery? I am wondering if anyone can give me any idea what to expect. Obviously, I asked my doctors about it, but there are some things you can find out from others' first hand experience.
  5. With fireworks, it's actually my vision that seems most affected by them unless a bunch of firecrackers go off close to me. By the way, thanks for the input, everyone. I asked my therapist about hypervigilance, and she says if a person is triggered several times a day, it is a problem. I am triggered several times a day, especially on days when I am particularly anxious.
  6. I'm off to yet another appointment today. It's time to see my endocrinologist. 

  7. I am wondering if anyone else experiences these symptoms as part of their anxiety disorder(s). They are related obviously and have to do with stimuli. 1. I get flustered and fearful when someone touches me when I am unaware. I occasionally even lash out, because it scares me. 2. When I am otherwise occupied, hearing something like a telephone or someone sneezing can freak me out. Not too long ago, I actually spilled a glass of strawberry milk on myself. I was in the kitchen, and my niece was in the hallway behind me. She sneezed, and I freaked, spilling the milk everywhere. It can be rather in
  8. I've only been on the higher dose since Friday. The lower dose had little effect. I don't seem to have any problem with driving or walking around. It just seems like I have a more carefree attitude about certain things, so I have a looser tongue. It could be considered clouded judgment, which is a sign of intoxication. Perhaps I just need some time to adjust to the higher dose and should try to speak less in the mean time.
  9. Hey guys. My doctor just put me back on Xanax last month. He started me at .25 mg BID, and it was not quite sufficient. Thus, he bumped it up to .5, which is what it was when I took it before. One thing I notice now, though, is that I'm even more mouthy, which is not really a good thing. I'm not nervous about someone's reactions, because the Xanax is simply making me feel like everything is just peachy, kind of like the color of the pill. Other than that, I feel like it's working well. Obviously, I am responsible for what I say and do, and it would be wrong for me to suggest that the medi
  10. It sure is. This guy is also crazy. While he's still alive and capable of reproducing, he is in danger of losing such capabilities. http://darwinawards.com/stupid/stupid2014-01.html I love Jack in the Box, but I would think waiting six more days for an Ultimate Cheeseburger (what I would have ordered) would have been a better idea. Of course, ass hats are ass hats.
  11. Stupidity amuses me, and nothing is more stupid than people removing themselves and others from the genepool, either through death or rendering themselves unable to reproduce. Here are 3 prime examples. I figure this is a good place to have a laugh. After all, even though we're all a bit off in our own way, at least we're way better off than these fools. You can find these 3 and many other cases in which humans have managed to win this most dubious of awards here. http://www.darwinawards.com/ Feelfree to post your favorites! First is an example of a dumbass rendering himself unable to
  12. Interestingly enough, I don't take Topamax for BPD, but it does seem to help my moods somewhat. Honestly, I find the most helpful medication overall is Xanax to be honest, and that's because anxiety and panic attacks are co-occurring along with BPD and depression for me. I only found out recently about having BPD, so I suppose it's all on an individual basis. SSRIs are said to be the most effective overall, but again, that's not always the case, because everyone is different.
  13. Thanks! I have lost some weight, a little over 60 pounds. I have a lot more to lose. Because of my back problems and knee problems, I have to limit what kind of exercises I do though. Some exercises can actually cause further injury.
  14. Hi guys, this is my second time posting in this particular board. For a long time, I have had issues with major depression and anxiety with panic attacks, but it always seemed like there was something more. I have always been intense mood swings, and I often found myself asking therapists I've had in the past if I was bipolar or something, because I knew there had to be another piece of the puzzle, another explanation for my intense mood swings and erratic behavior. Anyway, the more I had learned about BPD, the more I wondered if I needed to talked to a mental health professional to see if
  15. I don't know about anyone else, but I really like Macklemore and Ryan Lewis's new single featuring Mary Lambert called Same Love. The song has a strong message in support of the LGBT community, and I really like this song. It also talks about homophobia. Mary Lambert also happens to be a lesbian.
  16. I have never self-injured, but I do have addictions of my own, so I know that relapses occur. The road to recovery is not a straight road. There are curves and detours. Just because you've relapsed does not mean you haven't made progress. It does not mean you're not recovering from your addiction to self-harm. It means that you are still on your road to recovery. Hang in there.
  17. Lortab doesn't have that effect on me, but when I went to the ER with a really bad TN flair, the doc ordered a shot of Dilaudid, and I experienced euphoria. I couldn't even drive home. Still, euphoria and motor impairment are common side effects. Just be aware of breakthrough pain. It's a bitch. Best of luck with the surgery. I hope you have a speedy recovery.
  18. I'm hoping you mean about bariatric surgery and not me or I'm in for some major headaches.
  19. She hasn't really specified to be honest. Usually, she only brings it up when I mention my desire to have bariatric surgery, and she states my immaturity as a reason I'm not ready for it.
  20. I am emotionally immature according to my therapist, and I would like to change that. A lot of people with MI have this problem. Are there any books than any of you have found helpful in becoming more mature?
  21. Well, stay away from Mr. Slave. Otherwise, you might end up where the sun doesn't shine. I'm sure that journey was scary for poor Lemmiwinks.
  22. Thanks for your responses, guys. I really appreciate it. However, I have a little more to add, and I figured this is pertinent. I got my CPAP machine a little over a week ago. For the most part, it's been good. However, there have been a couple of days in which I was in a high energy state, almost like what people describe as hypomania. Obviously, if I were bipolar, I would have been diagnosed with it by now, so I can't explain it. In some ways it resembles some symptoms of anxiety, mostly the physical aspects like increased heart rate and faster thinking. I have my fears of further menta
  23. Shame and guilt are signs of depression. We've all been there. And we have all done things we later regret. Sex with animals is a lot more common than a lot of people realize, and it speaks volumes that you regret your sexual activity with the animal and realize that it is wrong. The practice is actually becoming less and less taboo, which could partly be because pornography featuring humans and animals, while illegal to produce in many places, is actually legal to view, giving even more people the delusion that sexual activity with animals is okay. Having said that, I find your desire for aut
  24. I was not quite sure where to post this as I have multiple issues overlapping here, so I thought I would post it here since hallucinations can be a symptom of depression. Late Thursday night I was driving home from a friend's house, and I thought I heard my cellphone going off, but it wasn't. Usually, if I have an auditory hallucination, it's just someone saying my name. Anyway, the phone thing made me extremely anxious, so here I was driving home late at night, about 13 miles from home. The trip was hell. I kept trying to do breathing exercising and repeating mantras in my mind, but I co
  25. I noticed the typo, and the rest of the statement made it obvious that she meant to say NOT. It happens. I figured I would add more here. I had a thought. If marijuana did not exist, but all the other illegal drugs like heroin, cocaine, etc. still existed, would people still abuse and become addicted to them? The answer to that question is obvious to me. Yes. Can using cannabis give someone the false belief that other illicit drugs are not as dangerous as experts say they are? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. However, in this hypothetical world in which cannabis does not exist, this same
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