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  1. I haven't been diagnosed with anything but I have been having trouble in my relationship for the past month. i have been feeling really anxious whenever i speak to my girlfriend through text. Over the phone and in person its not so bad but it just worries me. When this first started happening i wouldn't leave the house or do anything really just because it got me down that much, i would just breakdown and start crying because of it. it took me about a week to tell my girlfriend and my family about it. i don't know why this is happening because my girlfriend is such a nice girl, shes so sweet, understanding and i can be open with her with just about everything. We have only been together for about 2 months (i know its a short amount of time) but i do feel like things were working just fine before this came up, i remember how it started (well i think this could of triggered apart of it) we was talking in my room one day and i just froze like i felt like i had nothing to say so i started to panic, it was like a mild panic but i panicked, i didn't think much of it but the next day it got really bad and then i started to notice that i was finding it hard to speak to anyone i would just sit there for hours worrying about my friends, family and my relationship with my girlfriend. Once i went the doctors i was first given diazepam and i had some blood tests done but now im on anti-depressants, the doctor said i may have some kind of anxiety and mild depression but after about a week i feel alot better than i did like towards my friends and family but i still feel really anxious when i speak to my girlfriend, i just dont know why i would be anxious but i know it involves the relationship and her, like i get this horrible lump in my throat and i just feel really panicky, its worst when we speak through text because i sometimes find it hard to speak about things but over the phone and in person im normally fine, i feel abit panicky but nothing to bad, i do feel nervous now when we meet up just because i worry about how i am going to act around her. I also feel like now im getting abit paranoid like say she doesnt text me back within a few minutes, i start to think like im boring her or something i really hate having these thoughts like i feel like im coming around needy at the moment in are relationship, i have also noticed i have had my ups and downs with her because of it like shes trying her best to understand it but i just feel like its wrecking things in the relationship, we are trying are best to keep things normal but sometimes its really hard. Does this happen to anyone else? I'm worried because i feel like my feelings are saying I should break up with her but at the same time i know i dont want to because it would wreck me. I'm worried it's the reason I have anxiety issues when it comes to relationships because i had it abit in my last relationship but that was alot different, it was a bad relationship i was treated badly and i felt throughout that relationship that she didnt care about me so i just ended it because i knew it was the right thing to do but i know with this relationship it isnt, i just want to get through this. i dont normally write on forums if im honest but i do really want advice and help because its really affecting my life. Sorry for the re-post but i have more to add, normally i am an emotion person like i would happily tell my girlfriend how i felt about her but since this has came up i find it really hard to speak to her on an emotion level like im not sure about my feelings at all just because all im doing lately is worrying whats going to happen to us because all i do when i speak to her is panic and i really need some advice because lately i just feel like im giving up on us when thats the last thing i want to do :/ its killing me she told me she was falling in love with me this morning and because the way things are i just wasnt sure what to say, if i was fine i would of have like an emotion conservation with her like a heart to heart? but that didnt happen i just wasnt sure what to think and it made her unhappy and i just dont know how to get rid of this horrible problem :/
  2. hey everyone i was just wondering if anyone else had any advice for me ? :/
  3. yeah lately ive felt like im going to lose her because we fight sometimes because of it because i get it a crappy mood and i know its wrong but i kinda take it out on her like i will be snotty towards her and i hate it but i just happens and then i'll be fine the next. things were going great tbh until this happened but ya i think it might have something to do with my ex and i feel like my self-esteem is shattered pretty badly tbh, im normally really lade back and not a worry to the world but since this all i worry about is the relationship and how i feel and how she feels and i just feel so needy because of it. Accept that what your feeling is mostly irrational, a relationship is supposed to be fun most of the time. Give it time and I'm sure you'll ease up over time as you become more comfortable with her, if not, then it's not the end of the world if you go on to find someone else. i wouldnt want to end things, i still enjoy myself around her, i just get anxious when we speak through texts and stuff.
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