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  1. A copper IUD will not effect mood, but it makes periods heavier and more painful. I have a copper IUD and while I can control the pain with NSAIDs, it's stil an issue. If birth control pills haven't helped your mood, it's not likely that the Mirena IUD will improve your mood. If progestins in pill form haven't helped your mood or have made your mood worse than baseline, it's unlikely that they will do so in IUD form. However, it may effect your mood less than the pills did. What is your baseline around your period? Is it worse when you're not on the pill or just worse when you're on the pi
  2. Migraines can definitely present that way, or you coud have something else neurological going on. I just read Oliver Sacs' book on migraine and he describes just this. Get to a neurologist. These symptoms could be serious.
  3. I've gianed 60 pounds in the last year, maybe more. I don't look like myself. Catch it early and get in the gym if you can-- even a walk a day can help if you can manage it. I'm so pissed I let myself gain all that weight knowing that Depakote and Zyprexa require you to be active and on top of your food intake and activity level.
  4. That's really not how I define black and white thinking, so I would also ask her for clarification. It's also okay to disagree with her even after you clarify what she meant. I will tell you that what you're describing is not unusual for many people-- and I don't even know that it's pathological. It may not be changeable, and in some circumstances it's desirable. A lot of people deal with personal crises or high stress situations this way, and I'm one of them. I don't see it as black and whlte thinking for me personally-- that term doesn't make sense to me applied to that manner of
  5. The problem with putting off going inpatient is that the longer you're unstable, the longer it will take to get you stable again. It's really time for you to go IP. Your care team can't handle it, and you're just barely holding on. I'm surprised your care team hasn't recommended that you go inpatient.
  6. i always thought it was just me who was irrationally bothered by her hair. i'm not one to criticize people's looks or style but she really needs a makeover. The Today Show or Good Morning America or something like that GAVE her a makeover and made her look like a normal human being, and she hated it. Went right back to her mullet poof thing. You know, because her husband didn't like it. Apparently in that group, women are supposed to have long, curly hair.
  7. The mom's hair really gets me. Like that's how I know all of this is just really wrong.
  8. #livingthedream What's up with the pound sign and no spaces or punctuation?! I see that everywhere these days and I don't get it! I bet my jailbait husband would know.
  9. I am bipolar and own a business. Owning a business is hard and stressful as fuck. Doing so with bipolar disorder makes it even harder. It can definitely be done, but you have to be dedicated, consistent, and have help and emergency plans. The other thing that may or my not effect your business directly is that having a product means you are going to be dealing with people all the time, and you have to be good at it. I don't know how you do with social functioning with your ASD, but keep in mind that well over half of a company's success depends of customer service, making connectio
  10. I'm too busy having sex with my 20-something husband and adjusting my hearing aids to respond to this thread. It's hard being an old woman whose hit the wall, past her prime.
  11. I would go tonight. It's unlikely that you're going to wake up tomorrow feeling any better and it's equally unlikely that your case manager can make this better. You really need this. The hospital is the place that can help you the most with what you're experiencing. I'm not sure why your husband is being ambivalent because you've obviously needed to be inpatient for weeks.
  12. One of the biggest problems in all of this is that the victims (yes, even the four-year-old) got blamed for the abuse as much as the abuser. Sexual abuse is the failure of modesty in the household and by the little girls as much as it is pathology in the abuser. That is most likely what those girls were told in any "counseling" they received. These people aren't harmless, quirky, salt-of-the-earth Christians. They're dangerous.
  13. Trazodone is more known for causing priapism which is a medical emergency. If you're getting erections lasting more than I think it's 4 hours, you have to go to an ER. The metallic taste could be Depakote-- ACs do a lot of weird things with taste. Depakote is know to blunt sex drive more than anything, but side effects are so personal it's hard to say.
  14. It's probably a bit of both. With my current husband, we had amazing sex pretty much every day for 3 years. That's never been the case for me. Now it's not every day (ugh, meds and life), but it's still just as amazing.
  15. I don't know, psychosis is a symptom of a larger disease, which is the definition of pathology. I just can't see the havoc wreaked by a manic or depressive episode as an "experience." Going on a trip is an experience. Having your head go fucking bonkers so you see things that aren't there, spend $10,000 on eBay in 2 hours, or don't get out of bed for 2 weeks and want to die isn't an experience, that's a disease. Maybe you just haven't been sick enough or haven't had enough consequences to understand how devastating bipolar disorder can be.
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