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    floating in space
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    Music. Creating art via paint or what ever strikes my fancy. Reading and writing,even when it's bad.Exploring the universe and possibilities beyond my mind. Doing whatever it takes to get and remain stable all while cursing the ones who throw meds at me and challenge my thinking. Moonlight and stars. The sky and its ever changing colors. Being near and walking on the beach preferably tropical,although I do enjoy my local ice cold waters. Collecting things I find..rocks,puzzle pieces,cards,bread ties,pamphlets,sugar packets,change..maybe I'm a mild freegan klepto. Anything Hello Kitty.Helping and supporting people even when I'm not feeling well myself. Venturing into the outdoors when possible. I have an awesome red cruiser bike named Vera I ride in circles,straight lines,ocasional left and right turns.She has white wall tires and peddle breaks and a kickstand and is easy going and we've been on many adventures. I have a wonderful loving doggie named Bailey that helps me get through tough times and can always bring a smile to my face. We go on walks and enjoy cuddling on the couch. He has an obsession with pine cones and hunts them down in the yard then does a flying leap into the house so happy.

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    1. MiaB


      You're not an awful doggie mom.  You did the best possible thing and took him for treatment.  I hope he feels better soon.  And that you do too.

    2. jarn


      You're a good doggy mom, for bringing him in!  He'll feel much better now.

    3. coraline


      Bailey is back to his normal happy self..

      I'm so relieved..


  2. This world is becoming too much for me to handle..

    Between the virus..the protests and riots and a dumb idiot president..I can't take it..

    I hide away having all these crazy dreams in my sleep..

    It's no better than being awake..

    I see no end to any of this..

    The world is alive with a demonic force and there's no way out..

    1. saintalto


      It’s a bad year but this year isn’t going to last forever. Nothing does. Better times will come again, it just might be awhile. 

  3. For anyone who likes dark humor..

    I recommend watching one of my favorite comedians special on Netflix..

    It's Marc maron..end times fun..

    It probably the first time I've laughed in awhile..

    1. Wonderful.Cheese


      Hey sounds good to me! Laughter is the best medicine they say! Glad you found some good humor! 

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