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    1. MiaB


      You're not an awful doggie mom.  You did the best possible thing and took him for treatment.  I hope he feels better soon.  And that you do too.

    2. jarn


      You're a good doggy mom, for bringing him in!  He'll feel much better now.

    3. coraline


      Bailey is back to his normal happy self..

      I'm so relieved..


  2. This world is becoming too much for me to handle..

    Between the virus..the protests and riots and a dumb idiot president..I can't take it..

    I hide away having all these crazy dreams in my sleep..

    It's no better than being awake..

    I see no end to any of this..

    The world is alive with a demonic force and there's no way out..

    1. saintalto


      It’s a bad year but this year isn’t going to last forever. Nothing does. Better times will come again, it just might be awhile. 

  3. For anyone who likes dark humor..

    I recommend watching one of my favorite comedians special on Netflix..

    It's Marc maron..end times fun..

    It probably the first time I've laughed in awhile..

    1. Wonderful.Cheese


      Hey sounds good to me! Laughter is the best medicine they say! Glad you found some good humor! 

  4. I'm not dealing with life well..

    I had a freckle I didn't recognize on my arm and thought it was cancer..

    So I dug at it..

    Now I have a wound and no freckle..

  5. I'm getting worried..

    I paid for my renewal of my hairstylist licence in the beginning of the month..

    I called the number to see why I haven't received it..

    They said it's a 4 week delay on the recording..

    But there is a question about criminal history and I have to disclose that..

    I hope I'm not getting my license taken away..

    It's never happened before..

    I'm really paranoid..

    1. saintalto


      I hope it goes through okay. 

  6. Gonna go see star wars today..rather than gym..

    Way too mentally exhausted from nami meeting yesterday...

    Hopefully I can handle this outing..

    1. coraline



      We almost got in a pretty bad car accident on the way there..

      My mom thought the light had changed to green and started going..

      And a bus was coming from the left..it almost hit us..thankfully it saw us and stopped..

      My mom stopped just in time too..

      I hate being in cars..

      It took awhile for us to recover from that experience..


      The movie was good..

      I like star wars..

    2. CrazyRedhead


      I'm glad you enjoyed the movie.... I'm really sorry you and your mom had that experience with the bus, though.....I hate cars, too.

  7. Bailey goes to the vet today to get his labs done to check his levels of calcium and phosphorus..

    I'm so worried as usual that he's not ok..

    It freaks me out that I'm doing his meds wrong every day..

    I really hope he's ok..

    I know it's a matter of adjusting his doses  if the results are bad..but it still makes me scared..

    I wish he didn't have this condition..

    I feel bad for him..


    I have been communicating with the universe to protect him and heal him..

    He means so much to me..

    He is one of the constants that brings me to reality..

    1. coraline


      Vet called with his results and his phosphorus levels were low..

      I have to increase the amount of his supplement I give him..

      The vet didn't seem worried and said that unless he shows signs of anything he graduated..

      So now he only has to go in every 6 months rather than 3 months..


      I'm glad he's ok..

      I just wish I could stop worrying about him..

    2. CrazyRedhead


      @coraline, I think you are doing a great job with Bailey....Glad to hear he only has to go in every 6 months now....🙂

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