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  1. I washed (nearly) every piece of clothing I own today! I finally have clean clothes to wear

    1. echolocation


      well done! that's a herculean task. it must feel wonderful to wear clean clothes again.

  2. Does anyone have any experience with Wellbutrin for smoking cessation? Good or bad? Side effects?
  3. Thanks, I am hoping if I take it several hours before I go to sleep that it will be ok. I am most afraid of sleep walking or doing other thiings in my sleep. Anyone else taken Chantix? Good or bad experiences. I took the first dose this morning
  4. I am ok with taking additional Ativan, if necessary. Did you sleep walk or anything? Feel aggressive? Oh, I see now where you mention dreaming. Did you just take it once a day, skipping the night time dose?
  5. Thanks, I used the patch last time I quit but this time around the urge to smoke is so much stronger. If I can get past that, I am happy to go back to the patch.
  6. oh no! I'm sorry to hear that. I'm so scared of taking this medication.
  7. My pdoc has prescribed Chantix to help me quit smoking, but I'm scared to death to take it. Has anyone here taken it and if so, what was your experience? I quit for 2 years and made the mistake of smoking "just one". I am so mad at myself Thanks
  8. I hate when my mom comes into my room! It's humiliating because it's so messy 🙁

  9. My Hogwarts scarf. It was a Christmas gift from my only IRL friend. What's your beverage of choice?
  10. Today I am quitting smoking again. I quit for 2 years and relapsed.


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    2. trailmix


      Thanks, helen! Yeah, it's pretty hard but I did it once, so I can do it again 🙂

    3. CrazyRedhead


      Studies have shown that most smokers who quit for good have made at least 2 or more attempts to quit before they succeed......Kudos for quitting again, and give yourself some credit for the time you were smoke-free..........You will get there...!!

    4. trailmix


      Thanks so much for the encouragement! I am reminding myself that this relapse doesn't mean my 2 years was for nothing. 

  11. Hey, it's me, seal. How are you? I hope you're doing well.

    1. trailmix


      hi seal, thanks for asking! How are you? I saw your status that you are having a tough time.

      I miss chatting with you

    2. confused


      Hi Seal


    3. onsenseal


      Every time is a tough time. Yeah, the chat was fun. I guess it was just too much drama for the mods. Sorry.

      Hi confused.

  12. I am not a selfie-taker. What is outside the window of your room right now?
  13. I need IRL friends who I actually like.

  14. I know I have to keep on trying but sometimes it is so hard.

  15. Great, my tdoc is leaving. I'm going to miss her, and now I have to start over with someone new. Ugh!

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