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  1. I washed (nearly) every piece of clothing I own today! I finally have clean clothes to wear

    1. echolocation


      well done! that's a herculean task. it must feel wonderful to wear clean clothes again.

  2. I hate when my mom comes into my room! It's humiliating because it's so messy 🙁

  3. Today I am quitting smoking again. I quit for 2 years and relapsed.


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    2. trailmix


      Thanks, helen! Yeah, it's pretty hard but I did it once, so I can do it again 🙂

    3. CrazyRedhead


      Studies have shown that most smokers who quit for good have made at least 2 or more attempts to quit before they succeed......Kudos for quitting again, and give yourself some credit for the time you were smoke-free..........You will get there...!!

    4. trailmix


      Thanks so much for the encouragement! I am reminding myself that this relapse doesn't mean my 2 years was for nothing. 

  4. I need IRL friends who I actually like.

  5. I know I have to keep on trying but sometimes it is so hard.

  6. Great, my tdoc is leaving. I'm going to miss her, and now I have to start over with someone new. Ugh!

  7. Please do your very best to vote! It is SO important and your vote counts!

  8. Sometimes I just don't know if I can anymore.

  9. I'm so depressed, sick and desperate. And I have no one who cares.

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    2. JustDucky


      I care trail ....

    3. trailmix


      thank you both. thank god for cb. seems like sometimes this is the only place our voices are heard.

      when i have the energy, later today or tomorrow, i will blog about all my woes. for now, just knowing ive been heard is enough. so i thank you.

    4. whatsizbucket


      I've been trying to keep up with all the posts, but it's impossible.

      I just wanted you to know that I am here for you.

  10. I'm really just killing time until I can see him again.

  11. Help! I need info on Vancouver, CA mental health services and am getting comfused by what I am reading online. I don't currently need IP and I don't have chemical dependancy issues (aside from cigs). I need case mgmt. and a pdoc for meds. My family is vigourously looking into moving there.

  12. Does anyone know if olga is ok? She hasn't blogged in ages. I miss her.

    1. dancesintherain


      was wondering the same--hoping things are okay

    2. chem


      I saw her post on Facebook recently. she's not in a place with a reliable internet connection at the moment. I think she's vacationing :)

  13. SO frustrated with doctors and appts!!

  14. Today is my birthday! :)

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    2. chem


      Happy Birthday to Mix Mix!

    3. hamster


      Happy Birthday T-Mix!

    4. trailmix


      Thanks everyone! It was actually a pretty good day. :)

  15. Woke up at 3:30 am from a dead sleep having a panic attack. Sick of it.

    1. tired tammy

      tired tammy

      I have done that and it is not pleasant. I hope this lets up soon!

  16. I found my Latuda! Phew!! Over 800 bucks to replace it, if I hadn't.

  17. Stupid 9 am doctor's appointments! *yawnnn*

    1. tired tammy

      tired tammy

      I usually schedule tdoc @ 8am thinking I will get a lot done that day! HAHAHAHAHA!

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