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  1. Thanks, Dragonfly and Gearhead! Gearhead, I was titrated up to 150mg in the hospital over a little over two weeks. That is pretty fast, right? I have been on 150mg for a month now. I wonder if the dose is too high or too low? I wonder what my pdoc will say. Could it feel like this if the dose is too low or too high? So confusing! -Dragonfly
  2. Hello, all! My diagnosis is Schizoaffective Disorder, Bipolar type, and I was recently hospitalized. In the hospital, I was put on risperidone 4mg at night, lithium 300 mg in the morning and 1200 mg at night, and lamotrogine 150 mg at night. I was titrated up on these meds, but these are the dosages I ended up on. I have been on risperidone and lithium together, but lamotrogine is new to me. A month after getting to 150 mg, I am feeling waves of stimulation, anxiety, an uncomfortabe feeling of restlessness in my body, agitation, intrusive thoughts, and a buzzy feeling in my head. I fin
  3. Thank you so much, San! That is very helpful...great info and great perspective! I really appreciate it, and I will check out that link. =) Oh, and my diagnosis is either Bipolar I with psychotic features or schizoaffective, depending on which psychiatrist you ask! But I personally think schizoaffective because I hear voices all the time, with or without mood symptoms. P.S. I just checked out that link, and it is very informative. Thanks!
  4. Thanks, guys! I just fear trading one set of problems for another, so I am hesitant.. I have changed meds a lot and want to just stick with one for once.
  5. Hello, all! I know Risperdal and Invega are VERY similar, but I have a few questions... I am currently on Invega Sustenna (the monthly injection form of Invega) and am thinking of switching to risperidone pills again. I was on Risperdal pills in the past and found it easier to get up in the morning compared to the Invega Sustenna. I wonder why this is? Maybe because with instant realease risperidone the drowsiness side effect goes away faster, before I wake up since it releases instantly and not slowly? I find that on the Invega injection it is difficult to get up in the morning...not
  6. Okay, thanks, Mellifluous! Great info! The depot worked great for me.
  7. Hello, all! I have been on Haldol Dec (the monthly injection) before and am wondering about how the pills work. I am reading that the doses are usually split into 2-3 throughout the day. Why is this? Is it more effective this way (i.e., does Haldol have a really short half-life?) or does it make the side effects more tolerable with split doses? Do the daytime doses make you too tired/sedated? For those of you who have done Haldol pills/oral, how did/do you do your dosing? How many times per day? What dosages have you been on/are you on? If you have daytime doses, did it cause a great
  8. Hello, all. I have a general question about antipsychotics, specifically regarding their use managing Bipolar 1 with psychotic features, schizoaffective disorder, and schizophrenia. I have read that some antipsychotics have a stronger antipsychotic effect than others. Which meds are stronger for this, and which ones weaker? I have responded very well to most antipsychotics I have taken, including Abilify twice when I was slowly transitioned from Risperdal to Abilify. However, once when I was switching from Seroquel XR back to Abilify, my doctor instructed that I stop the Seroquel X
  9. Interesting, Miab. Thanks. I used to take the XR around 7:30pm, then not go to bed until late. I wonder if 800mg would be as sedating or less?? I have heard some people say that they were less sedated on higher doses.
  10. Hello everyone. I remember when I was taking Seroquel XR 600mg, it helped me tremendously (voices, delusions, mania, and depression) but I could not get up before 1pm the day after taking it in the evening. I wouldn't get tired right away, but I sure did sleep a lot the next day! It sucks because it worked so well for me without causing restlessness like so many antipsychotics do. I could sit still and read, play games, watch movies, and study for a long time back then. Anyway, I am wondering what your experiences have been with different dosages of Seroquel XR as far as the sleep issu
  11. Thanks, Velvet Elvis! Just what I needed to know! I did very well on Haldol, without the massive weight gain, and less of a prolactin problem.
  12. I have been on both Haldol and Risperdal and have noticed very little difference. What do you guys think? Do you know of any major differences? I am thinking of switching back to Haldol. My diagnosis is schizoaffective-bipolar type.
  13. Hello, Sue. I am currently on Latuda, and unfortunately it has not been good for me. It is controlling a lot of the psychosis at 120mg, but I have been getting mood swings and anxiety since being on it. With that said, I have heard wonderful things about this med. Just because it does not work for me does not mean it won't for you. It also messes with my sleep cycle. I have crazy dreams and wake up every 2-3 hours, even though I am still on a small dose of Zyprexa. If I drink any caffeine, I am extremely agitated, nervous, anxious, etc. But I have not heard anyone else complain of this. I have
  14. Hello. I was on Geodon for quite awhile years ago. My morning dose made me very sleepy at first, but that wore off. I took mine with breakfast and dinner. It worked really well for me. I have the same diagnosis as you--bipolar I with psychosis, and it worked for my moods as well as my psychosis. In fact, for awhile Geodon was the only med I took for my condition. It was great being on just one med with few side effects. Unfortunately, while on Geodon I used street drugs, developed strong psychotic symptoms as a result, and had to switch back to Risperdal since the Geodon was not doing the tric
  15. Hello, all! I have been experiencing terrible insomnia with the Abilify I just started. I take it in the morning, and right now I am at 7.5 mg, which we should be increasing to 30mg since that is the dose I was successful on before. Did you notice less insomnia as time went on and/or with higher doses? Do you take something for your insomnia that helps? I was considering Trazodone. I did not have this insomnia problem with this medicine before.
  16. Hello, all. I just started 15mg of Abilify this morning to combat mood problems and auditory hallucinations that my current antipsychotic (Latuda) is failing to treat. I am going to be weaning off the Latuda. My question is how long in your experience and/or knowledge does/did it take for Abilify to have an antipsychotic effect? I was on Abilify successfully three times, then failed once. I don't know how this could be, but I hope it works this time. I am very on edge and nervous about it. Thanks for reading and replying. -Dragonfly
  17. Medsitis, how is the Latuda going? Any details would be appreciated. I am still having a rocky time and see the doctor tomorrow.
  18. Yes, I was on it alone for a long time, and I had no mania the whole time. I did, however, still have periodic anxiety and some depression. So maybe Haldol with Lamictal or something would help.
  19. Well, I wish I did not gain weight. I tend to gain weight on even the ones that are more weight neutral, but I never had a weight problem before being on meds. I will do my walking and try to eat better though. I hope this helps.
  20. Interesting, Ceremony. I wish I didn't...I wonder if my recent lowering of the dose will help???
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