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  1. thanks for the input everyone! i finally got the insurance approval for testing, but couldn't get an appointment til june, which means my pdoc wouldn't have the results til near the end of june. being too depressed to wait that long, i told my regular dr that i really wanted to quit smoking (i'm not currently a smoker) and that wellbutrin had helped me quit in the past (that part is true), so she gave me a script. i'm on my 4th day of taking it now, and i'm astonished to see positive results in my focus/concentration already. i had been struggling to try to read for 15 minutes a day, getting distracted multiple times during that short span, then all of a sudden, on my 2nd day of wellbutrin, i started my 15 minutes and somehow continued for over an hour! (and i felt as though i could've even continued longer had i not been interrupted at work) this small victory convinces me that i really do have a problem with inattention, and maybe i'm not just "a stupid idiot who can't even read" like i had been telling myself the past 15 years. however, this tiny success is not coming without its downfalls. i know it's only been a few days, but i'm noticing my anxiety and racing repetitive negative thoughts have definitely increased in severity during downtime. i'm hoping that the positive benefits will come to outweigh the negative in that i'll progress to become busier and more social and involved in life so that i won't have so much downtime to obsess over the negative. oh, and the headaches. holy crap, the headaches. real bad. i know they'll pass eventually but boy are they overbearingly miserable! due to the fact that i've seen some improvement so quickly, i'm actually going to stop taking the wellbutrin for the testing. i want to get an accurate diagnosis, and being that i've seen improvements in my reading abilities, i'm thinking that for me at least, it would actually alter my test results. oh, and does anyone else NOT get notifications on here, even though i selected the options to receive them??
  2. thanks for the warm welcome! i'm looking forward to exploring the site
  3. Does anyone know if starting Wellbutrin before administering neuropsychological testing will significantly alter the results of said testing, producing a false negative for diagnosing a learning disability or inattentive add? Here’s the story. I’ve been carrying a diagnosis of Social Anxiety and Depression/Mood Disorder NOS for the past 16 years (since I was 16). I’m now 32 and I’ve tried practically every med under the sun, but have finally been on a GREAT combo of 20mg Prozac, 60 mg Buspar for the past year and a half. Since the Buspar/Prozac combo has helped so much with anxiety, I’m finally feeling the excited motivation to do productive things with my life, whereas I had been hiding away in my shell for years. But I seem to be blocked when it comes to getting anything done. And after reflecting on past experiences and compiling a list of current symptoms to present my psychiatrist with, I’m thinking there’s been some deep down Inattentive ADD going on, and that possibly might even be the cause of my social anxiety, as I never really had a specific “fear” attached to social situations, just that I would blank out/freeze up and either not know what to say, or just not be able to get my words out, and THAT is what became the fear. (please inquire if you would like to read my symptom list – too long to include in this thread) Where I’m at right now is in limbo, waiting for some testing and a possible med change while I’m having great difficulty just keeping up with normal daily tasks. I’m frustrated as I feel I’ve been living a life that is lacking in quality, personal productivity and severely lacking in social interaction, thus resulting in a depressive funk that I’m trying to find a way out of. My therapist of 7 years is in agreement with the possibility of ADD. So my pdoc referred me to a neuropsychologist for testing to accurately diagnose if there’s a learning disability or some attention deficit issues. He wanted to hold off on a trial of Wellbutrin (can’t take stimulant meds due to history of substance abuse) until I get tested, but it has been a month and I’m still waiting for insurance approval to even do the testing. I understand my doc’s stance in wanting to wait with the meds, but I’m getting extremely depressed by the fact that I’m totally wasting my life in the meantime, not able to get anything done while I’m waiting for this testing, and I’m anxious to get better already. I’ve been diligently doing brain exercises for the past few weeks at the psychologist’s recommendation for improving my cognitive functioning, and will continue to work at that, but obviously that’s not improving my symptoms in the here and now, and I really want to start this med trial now, as opposed to waiting probably another whole month for testing to be performed and results to be analyzed. Soo..... Does anyone know if starting Wellbutrin before administering neuropsychological testing will significantly alter the results of said testing, producing a false negative for diagnosing a learning disability or inattentive add?
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