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  1. I whole-heartedly agree with eldorado on this issue. And I understand this is a way to put the mentally ill in a place to be heard, and get attention it deserves. However, this is the WRONG kind of attention. I do not believe that negative attention is better than no attention, that just seems ludacris. We need an organization who stands UP for MI's, not just an organization who just speaks for us. There is a big difference. What Obama is proposing is to say "LOOK AMERICA! These people are Mentally Ill, and they NEED HELP!! They need help because if they don't get it they will kill us
  2. My Back Story: I am also gluten intolerant, and I have found qutiing caffeine, and actually soda completely has been a bih help on my health. At one point in time I was drinking about 40-60 Oz. of soda a DAY!! And Dark soda at that, which is sooooooooo fucking hard on my system. At one point when I was extremely ill (and doctors haven't figured me out yet), so I decided to quit cold turkey on caffeine. Until this year I was caffeine free for 3 years. And I felt great! My advice though, if you feel like I do on soda, is to get off of it and never go back. Not even to "cheat". Because once
  3. Question: do you want to be with her? If so, I would indeed be careful however I would give her the benefit of the doubt at the same time. It might be that she didnt want to dissapoint you or make you think she was lazy or crazy. In that sense, yes it was still a mistake to lie because its never good to lie in a relationship, however she had some innocent intentions. Kind of like what bluechick said, an immaturity issue. But: do you not want to be with her? Is this just too much of an uncomfotable/redflag situation for you? Use it to move on. I think depending on how you feel a
  4. OMFG!!!! That right there is my DH!! He has is socks on every second of the day, except during showers. He is one of those people who wear socks with crocs...in walmart. He always says his feet are cold! Even if it is hot outside like now (im in the dirty south it gets fucking hot!) he has the heat on through the floor vents in the car to "warm up his feet" on rides home. "DUDE!! Im dying in here!" What really irks me though is that he has his "day" socks and "night" socks. That way, he doesnt have to wash so many socks and he will always have a "clean" pair of socks for bed. He is OCD and
  5. Do you know an opinion of mine? Private sponsor, not the government. That way they will be able to make more money, considering the government can not legally take money for things like anti-stigma slogans/t shirts/stickers/other companies helping with those things. And believe it or not, that market spreads fast and wide. Has anybody NOT heard the slogan "keep calm and carry on"? As well, it would be much MUCH more believeable to me if someone who was dealing with MI or a caregiver/parent/teacher of MI rather than an actor who feels just so DAMN "intuned " with mentally ill people bec
  6. Just say I actually believe that for a second, for arguments sake. What action can be done? Well... Considering the new healthcare bill, hospitals and doctors will be incredibly overworked and underpaid causing millions of mistakes/lives/sanity/physical or mental independance. That will sure help the mentally ill! We can make more hospitals, hire more doctors, and send more people to college to become doctors. Uh...who is paying for that? Me. At my minimum wage retail job while I support my autistic nephew. The government will compile lists of people with mental illness, anybody wh
  7. I am not a parent, more so in the sense I do not have my own offspring, and no legal custody. However, I am the main support system of my soon-to-be 2 year old nephew Chunka, both financially and supportively. Chunka has sensory and major hyperactivity problems that are still being recorded and sifted out to either be diagnosed or just "let be" depending on what is going on. Chunka is a lot like his Nani (me) at his age. I was on spdbloggernetwork.com looking through blogs, and I found this titled "AN ALTERNATIVE SPD LEXICON". I read on, and oh how it related to me. And giggle a bit. And I
  8. That is hilarious! And it got me looking at billboards, and I found this... The #1 most FUNNY, *ehem* I mean offensive billboard in the US: Source: (via http://www.thisblogrules.com/2010/06/10-most-controversial-billboard-ads-in-usa.html)
  9. december_brigette, on 03 Jun 2013 - 10:02 AM, said: Children's shoes are too expensive especially when they need to start wearing shoes around 2 or 3. But I don't have the balls to steal them. They certainly can be, for the popular brands anyway. We have a large toddler selection at the store, from Nikes ($30) to Payless brands (from $12 to $19). And I have never seen a kid shoe at the store for more than $40 (including Sperry and Nike). Granted, buying a $30 or $40 pair of shoes for a fastly growing child seems a little rediculous. But the thing is, the parents who are seen stealing these
  10. "you seem so sad ace, i want to cuddlefuck hard :(" i want to cuddlefuck hard too! with a bottle of melatonin.

    1. Ace


      awake 21hrs and counting...

    2. december_brigette


      Do you have the time to sleep? BTDT and it sucks. I've never taken melatonin. I do take benedryl. It will poop out a few days/weeks. Use it when you need it. Wishes for delightful dreams.

    3. Ace


      i can not stand benadryl @december_brigette. It does not help me sleep no matter how much i take or how or when i take it. however, when i do take it and i finalllyy get to sleep i sleep like sh*t and when i wake up in the mornings i am very confused. like i am in between dream & reality :-/

  11. I understand your frustration, I think we all have been through something similar. I know I have! The thing is though, stims just may not be the answer for you. I went through something similiar like I explained, however when I got my BP under control and was actually able to take stimulants without fear I learned that stimulants actually do little to nil for me. Instead I take non-abrasive like Straterra or Vyvanse. And even then, I was more happy with doing some of the life-changes and coping skills CR describes in her post. Because in actuality, that is what helped me. I'm not saying do
  12. Good! Some people think I'm crazy (well, I am but not in that regard). I'm kind of an extrovert these days, whether it be the BP or the insomnia or the medless veins I have or even the drugs I did when I was younger, IDFK why I am I just am. And yeah, considering I was an introvert for sooo long I have that asshole-sarcasm-attitude sometimes when people bother me. But, when people like that Ret. Marine talk to me like that it just makes me believe in people. Like maybe, there is hope for us yet. Somewhere in the big scheme of things (and I dont just mean pollution rofl).
  13. Last week at work was a doozy, even at a short week. At one point I had a "that's it" moment, "im done". I was so upset about a customer, I actually said to my manager "I honestly don't get paid for this shit, minimum wage just isnt worth half of..." and she said "well, customer service jobs are paid so little because it doesnt require skill". Say WTF?? But I seriously, wholeheartedly wonder, if that is true then why in the hell do people suck at it? If customer servicce jobs are sooooo fucking easy then why cant people (in general) do it well? However, like you said Josie, its that one pe
  14. I'm not sure your exact situations, or everything you have been through Emet, but I understand where you are coming from. My symptoms are not, nor have been as bedwritten as yours. However, I spent a very very long time figureing out my health. At one point in time I was actually convinced I had a deadly disease, like cancer because I was soooo tired, so anxious, so much in severe physical pain (joints, muscles, stomach, heart, lungs, head). Throughout my childhood I was tested for diseases, starting with MS when I was 2 (tested again when I was 16). It wasn't until this year I was tested
  15. Political correctness? Well, maybe it's just me. My currently non-medicated brain, or my insomnia WTF or even my very free/gypsy/rolling stone personality, I just not sure why political correctness sometimes just make me go "really?". Yeah, it can help in situations but sometimes it goes too far, to where you cant even voice a freedom of opinion without "offending the wrong person". But this thread isnt exactly about political anything. Instead, I dedicate this thread to the funny, sometimes offensive, shit people put out there. And it's not to piss people off, its just to make people say
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