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    hi can someone please post a link for chat room as i cant seem to find it thx
  2. For me, sadness is inevitable No day passes without it Happiness comes and goes It never stays for long Just don't try to fight it Mental illness, they say Please remove the label Some days I can't get out of bed I simply don't feel able Spending time on CrazyBoards For friendship and support Spending time to analyze Every fear and thought One day I will be better I hope But the future seems grim I'll just stick to fitness And spend time in the gym So have no fear, Sanity is here And I am here to stay Crazyboards, Crazyboards, Crazyboards HOORAY!
  3. I feel this way alot of the time. I can totally relate to this.
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    WP 20141219 001

    From the album: Selfie

  6. I'm not sure, I found it on google. I love eyes.
  7. I made a new one because I wanted a name change, but I only went on it once
  8. Been lovely and hot all week In Wales
  9. I get really anxious using phones aswell Making calls, and answering, especially when it's from an unknown number, I usually just switch it off So I feel you on this one!
  10. I have another account, called DieAgnosis Didn't realise it wasn't allowed, feel free to ban it if necessary
  11. I've been doing it lately, against pdoc and parents wishes, feeling really guilty about it I really need to stop I know it isn't addictive, but it can be hard to stop for me because I don't have any hobbies to focus on besides watching TV and coming on here
  12. I'm taking abilify at the moment, I don't think it's affected my eating patterns However if you wish to drop a few pounds intermittent fasting and exercise is probably the best way to do so
  13. I agree, it's stupid. I hope they change this to help people who are mentally ill. Even if you are very physically disabled, but could walk a little, they deem you fit to work. It's bizarre. The amount of money they are paying this company to weed out people who could possibly work, will likely cancel out what they'll save for people working. So, what's the point? Personally, I hate the UK government. I don't vote, because there is no party I like. All the major political party leaders seem slimy and two-faced.
  14. I was on 10 for a while and stable, pdoc put me upto 20 because voices hadnt gone away however this seemed to make me more depressed and it was changed back to 10, apparently it's a side effect of the medication, though it was probably circumstancial
  15. Same as mine, Water The clip on the black is great
  16. I use one of these http://www.miragecigarettes.co.uk/shop/eros-ce4-electronic-cigarette-starter-kit.html Had it for around 8 months and I enjoy using it, using a mix of menthol and strawberry oils atm
  17. Sounds horrible! and to think I wanted to be sectioned! I guess it's a bad idea!
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