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  1. Yes, definitely ~ My niece asked me over Thanksgiving many many years ago if she would catch what is wrong with me. I challenged her to define what is wrong with me and she said, you know your mental illness, will I get that too? She was 10 years old at that time. Her mom (my sister) began smothering her with kisses assuring her she would not. Then I got up to get seconds and when I came back, my area had been cleared off and my niece was sitting in my place and would not move. So, I took my plate and sat outside on the veranda. How embarrassing/humiliating was that, we even had very old
  2. I hear you jt ~ I have to have turkey with all the trimmings on Thanksgiving. I doubt now if I ordered the trimmings and turkey now, I would not get anything. The person that invited me last 4 years did not invite me this year and that hurt a bit too. I am left wondering why. Wishing you an enjoyable Thanksgiving and hoping your dinner will be what you expected it to be.
  3. Thank you Red and Juniper *smiles* I have no family nor anyone I would call a close friend to invite me to Thanksgiving. I wish I planned for this, usually the holiday catches up with me and I forget to do something special for myself. Big sigh !!
  4. It's the week before Thanksgiving and not one person has invited me to their home or to get together to celebrate Thanksgiving. I go thru this every year and suddenly Thanksgiving is 4 days away. I usually prepare my own special dinner to ward off feelings of isolation during this holiday, this year, I was too depressed to even think ahead. Now it's 4 days away, no one has invited me and I didn't buy any food to prepare. I have to have food delivered because I am disabled and cannot drive. It's too late to order thru my grocery delivery as I'm sure the store is out of mos
  5. I have no close friends anymore, mostly due to my disability and being unable to get out and about. However, I have one neighbor who has reached out to me and has provided transportation for me, which I regard as a very special person of interest now. She has a strange quirk. She calls most evenings to chat, but..... she will only talk 30 minutes. I got to the point where I watch the clock to get what I want to talk about in quickly. She will announce it's time to go and she suddenly hangs up. She will also talk over the top of me and cut me off in the middle of a conversation.
  6. I worked my way up to 5mg of Zyprexa last 10 days, but still very irritable. I snap at everyone, so everyone is naturally leaving me alone. I don't like living this way. Left a message with my prescribing doctor about this irritability issue. Update, prescribing doc called and suggested I go up 1/4 of a tablet and get the irritability and mood swings under control before I start the Lamictal. So, took another 1/4 tablet which makes 1/2 of a 5 mg tablet I have taken so far this morning. Seizure doc prescribed Lamictal, but holding off starting that until I feel more stable on Zyprexa
  7. My county recognized my cat as a pet therapy animal, so that my monthly and security deposit was waived. I filled out a Reasonable Accommodation Request and it was approved.
  8. Opposite action is one of my favorites - anything to redirect painful moments. Present Moment activities such as touch, observe, feel, hear, taste - to use all the senses to ground myself. I have taken several classes in DBT. I have all of M. Linehan's DVD's. Need to get it out again. Wishing we could start a thread here, like a mini course for those of us interested to follow and interact with.
  9. Opposite to Emotion Mind is either Wise Mind or Logic Mind, which on the spectrum do you want to be? Like your idea of reminder rings.
  10. Started on a new Bucket List yesterday, been awhile since I did something like this. Since taking Zyprexa I am feeling more like getting out of my recliner and going to do something special. So far: go to a specialty restaurant I have always wanted, day after Thanksgiving activity, something to do on Thanksgiving, visit a barn with horses, visit a furniture store and buy a new recliner, go back to church, attend a yoga class.
  11. Thank you Medi ~ I needed to hear this. I am on day two of a hypomanic state. Had 12 hour sleep last two days, but not correcting it yet. Have been slowly upping Zyprexa to 5 mg + adding in Trasadone and Klonopin. Still through out the daytime hours, I feel the mood shifting (take another 1/4 tablet of Zyprexa) which I can settle down for another 4 hours until the irritability and paranoia inks back in. Trying to get enough coverage so that I don't have to take Zyprexa 4X a day. Shopping, yeup, did some damage yesterday, oh my !!
  12. I have been getting 90 day refills until recently. Still looking into this. Planning ahead and all my PRN's will continue to fill monthly. Learning how to play the system with my HMO.
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