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  1. NO i love my schizophrenia i love my crazee i love my guitar i love myself me and i EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF to youse u no who u R.
  2. haha, i don't watch movies, day kool an all buh i dunno yo... connely i CANT SPELL!!!!!!! that chick from ABM pretty awesome, great movie...I LOVE MUSIC!!!!!
  3. thankfully i was able to sleep, sometimes i have trouble sleeping haha, why you ask?? who knows haha, not me das fo sho, anyhoo since the peaseants asked for laughter they shall recieveth that... also if u think this "commercial" is awesome feel free to check them all out, day bun fun fo sho doh, thanks for taking the time to read my words
  4. THANK GOD. lord knows i dont need your ditch digging mudd slinging tell the authority bullshizz nonsense lying forever to yourself blackened shadowy lie forever tied.. to anyone tired to the lies from people like her or him or whatever feel free to check out my youtube, i wont say "youtubes" cause something like that causes pain.
  5. the end cetkat the end. if anyone who isnt like cetkat would like to not ever become a criminal when youve done nothing wrong then feel free to listen to RADIOHEAD dont worry about losing yourself, great band great songs and anything negative is nice to let you release anger without getting into trouble for folks like cetkat... much love hope to hear from you in the future *i did it to* if u know what i mean
  6. listen to me right now, are you ready?? ok here. sharing music like you have with your first post in this thread IS WHAT I WAS AND WILL CONTINUE TO DO. nothing about the nonsense you tried to talk about... since you obviously have been lied to your entire life here is a song to reply to what you said with your sentence about "cards" this is a band i have loved since i was a child... i think personal opinions are wonderful great and awesome. but when someone reports someone else in order to control them and make fun of their pain like with the sentence about the shots i got from nurses who were laughing as i was PRAYING to escape the pain... you dont have to continue talking to me or reply, that is your choice... have fun.
  7. thank u for your fairly quick response reply or whatever, but as i am in a slightly unsensitive mood i will say this to you, i dont give a shit about what the "point" is... one day while i was in a hospital, two nurses walked into my room with needles, and then gave me shots in my stomach, it fucking hurt, i prayed for the pain to go away... did it you ask?? the choice is yours, as it always will be... apologies again i am tired of all of my sharing music and assorted threads being locked... anywyas i dont give a shit about someone elses point, especially when it comes from not them, meaning your song comes from a turd, my song which always gets locked comes from individuality, freedom, hope, love & peace, sometimes as one is thrown into darkness it takes fire to ease the pain to escape and find that light such was born with... apologies if this upsets you, i will help you if you need any sort of help, if not then thats cool and awesome to... have a nice comfortable fun evening, you dont have to respond cause since i said what i said like always this thread will probs be locked... no offense to the moderators, if they "allow" me to stay on this site, i will do my best to help anyone praying for life.
  8. sometimes my threads get locked, kinda gets "buried" as time continues, as it always will, and so will you... if u do not like the video that is posted above me, maybe u will like this one instead... please feel free to have fun and hold onto the truth within yourself.
  9. not a fan of music that tries to steal from others without using their own thoughts brains whatever u wanna call it... i read a book a long time ago called QUANTUM THEORY. only read it if u r prepared to walk through darkness, if u decide to then feel free to ask me any questions and i will do my best to help you.
  10. call the police the end. soz if this is offensive but im dealing with my own problems as well hopefully u find someone who cares about you good luck
  11. sorry Melliflous that i didnt respond to you, sometimes i have diffuculty talking to people but thanks for the replies guys, have a nice comfortable evening, thanks again
  12. there is no such thing as too much happiness, trust yourself and enjoy the truth you hold onto. just my personal opinion
  13. thank you for your reply, your intellegence makes me a tad nervous but its cool, thanks again... im gonna finish posting a note i wrote yesterday on a personal level i was able to relax for a while a write a note to myself... (part 2) you are who you are, nothing to be ashamed of as long as you aren't trying to control someone else no need to worry about what others want allow yourself to accept peaceful days & friendship whenever you are ready. and do not be afraid to thank those who care but you don't have to, your happiness can thank them as well. (no one is perfect but that isn't a terrible thing your individuality is good enough) -unsure about that feel free to talk about it- you may lose what you think you could never survive without but don't worry hold onto yourself and you may awake within an awesome life be careful with your love lest you lose those who love you. Laughter, Laziness, Is it really all good?
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