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    reading writing indulging the voices in my head on occasion getting lost in completely irrational delusion's i love music and most important being the best mom i can!

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  1. i hate it when someone knocks on my door idk why but it panic's me
  2. i had taken them together in the past and had no problems with sleep but everybody's different talk to your dr about see what he/she thinks
  3. my episodes are awful hearing things seeing things thinking people are trying to kill me etc...never had any fun with it..
  4. if it was me i would put a piece of tape over the camera it self a useless confrontation gets you no where then i would see what happens...just my thought but i'm super paranoid so i keep my can covered anyway...
  5. welcome this place has been a big help for me.... ;
  6. welcome hope you find this place as helpful as i have
  7. i have a very hard time expressing those feelings i usually write it down and sometimes people can just tell when i'm feeling that way but i'm no good at talking....wish i could have been more helpful just want you to know you're not alone in feeling that way....
  8. i have been i/p in alot of hospitals the longest was over a month they all vary in there treatment but the last one i was in was a behaveural (sp) hops and by far the most effective i was there over a month but came out in a much better place than i was in before they had different units for different needs but every treatment center i have been in i found helpful i was honest and sought out what i needed at the time .....good luck....
  9. life's so weird right now

  10. sometimes i hate quiet mornings time seems frozen

  11. i am sorry you are having such trouble i once stopped taking all my meds at once not for physical reason but they weren't helping i was on them for over a year and i was still completely (brain wise) completely out of whack i was depressed psychotic episodes ect....so i just stopped taking them w/o my pdr knowledge i don't recommend this but i figured this way we could start fresh with new meds and find a better "cocktail" the new meds are helping but again i wouldn't recommend doing this w/o your pdrs help....good luck hope things get better
  12. i started viibryd about a month ago i am up to 40mg now i didn't get the nausea but when i first started taking it i took it with an immondium (sp) because running to the bathroom was a bit-not too bad of side effect but the immodium helped now i don't need it also i dont eat reg meals so mine offten gets taken w/o food my pdr also didn't mention taking it with food and i think it started working alot sooner than the six weeks they say...i think about 2-3 weeks in it was helping.....i haven't had any probs with withdrawl type symptems if i'm late with a dose either although i rarely am late i take when i wake..so.....good luck in your recovery
  13. i take shaphris 10mg (for a bout 2 1/2 mons.)ni will be incresed to 20 mg next week at pdr... it has help me alot but i also started viibryd recently which has helped with some of the things the saphris didn't....all in all it's worked better than any other aap i've been on
  14. my pdr started me on it today my many concern is ....is there any sexul side effects: decreased sex drive what not? i didn't care when i was married but now that i'm dating...just wondering
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