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  1. This topic should be of utmost importance on forums, never closed because "it's had its time." Antipsychotics can quite literally be evil, unlike the mod believes. He's wrong.
  2. The fuck face pro medication mod (who isn't interested in the Truth for everyone to know so that the best possible decision can be made for each person, only his belief that antipsychotics are helpful and not bad at all, which is hideously false) closed the first thread on this very serious and important topic. The thread: http://www.crazyboards.org/forums/index.php/topic/64781-to-what-extent-does-the-brain-recover-after-stopping-antipsychotics/ Let's continue the dialogue. I was on geodon for three months, stopped for five months (very slight if any improvement), then I was on invega sustenna for three months, and I've now been off it for almost five months. The inner torment/akathisia has gotten better, but the anhedonia that I've had since taking geodon over a year ago hasn't seemed to improve much or at all. My quality of life before antipsychotics was about 2/10. Since taking antipsychotics it's been a range of -3 and -8, and it's currently about -3. Should i recover in a year or two, or am I fucked for life?
  3. After taking psychotics I can only get about 10% high. I stopped invega sustenna three and a half months ago, and I've noticed negligible improvement so far. How long does it typically take for the brain to recover from a severe raping by antipsychotics?
  4. "Again, cause versus correlation. You probably didn't need the antipsychotics until you became progressively worse." I have mere mild psychosis, not related to schizophrenia or bipolar or anything else. Mere mild psychosis triggered by smoking weed. That is it. I was mildly psychotic for six months before being put on antipsychotics, and nothing was wrong or changed or progressed during those six months. Then, in perfect correlation with an enormously powerful medication known to cause, albeit rarely, all of the symptoms I've experienced, I experienced, for the first time ever, very significant anhedonia/loss of musical pleasure, significant loss of sexual functioning, loss of memory both long term and short, stunted intelligence, loss of vocabulary, ceaseless akathisia (slightly unusual akathisia in that walking and moving around doesn't help very much), and just a terrible highly, highly, highly altered feeling in my brain that I very much hate, which seems to make me very uncomfortable socially. All of that reasoning is irrelevant though. I simply and plainly know beyond any doubt that the medication was the cause of the mind-fucking side effects. lapd, did the people who say they've recovered after several months to a year recover fully, or basically fully at least, or is life merely now tolerable for them? edit: also, when people who haven't experienced this hear "anhedonia", they just have to assume normal run of the mill anhedonia, e.g. depression-based anhedonia. I've been depressed, and I know common anhedonia. Antipsychotic-induced antipsychotics is intensely hardcore, like all the side effects. Try to imagine being the very opposite of high (marijuana) permanently. That what it's like.
  5. It was most certainly the medication which caused the effects in my case. All the effects surfaced exactly when I started taking the medication. And not a single one of the effects has waned in over six weeks since stopping. I'm still sexually dysfunctional, i still have mild akathisia, music still doesn't do anything for me, I'm still unable to read anything complex or follow plots, my brain still feels highly fucked, etc. I'm thinking about trying shrooms or LSD in an attempt to... I don't know. But I have zero faith the effects will ever go away.
  6. Thank you for the post. It's been almost four weeks now, and the side effects have barely improved, if at all. Every single side effect.
  7. I'm not talking about symptoms of psychosis. I've been severely depressed, moderately depressed, empty; I know depression well, and I'm not depessef. None of this is related to depression. As for the psychosis, I've had symptoms since last September. But it was only and exactly when I was put on geodon that all of these very new (and relatable to many others who've used antipsychotics) things started popping up. Since being on geodon, I've had really bad anhedonia (not shocking since it blocks dopamine and serotonin), akathisia, trouble speaking well, stunted intelligence, and it just feels like my brain is being internally squeezed pretty hard constantly. It's uncomfortable, it feels bad and weird, and it makes me feel very awkward and unskilled socially. For the past few months I've literally struggled to be alive, desperately trying to find ways to pass the time, waiting for bed time. The symptoms are maybe 10% better since stopping. Part of the reason I've done absolutely nothing with time as opposed to a little (I'd only be able to do a little at best) is that I'm going to kill myself if I don't return to a non-fucked up by antipsychotics brain. My sexual functioning has decreased significantly on geodon too, and it's only maybe 10% better after three weeks. .....I'm just a really pessimistic person who seems to have rational reason to be pessimistic here.. I guess I'll try to have faith though
  8. The chemistry of my brain feels highly altered still, and it's just terrible and makes me dysfunctional in day to day life. It's been a little over three weeks now, and I've noticed barely any change.
  9. My brain should return to normal in all ways in time? I probably sound annoying and pessimistic, but I'm a pessimistic person and I really don't like how my brain feels right now. Thanks for the replies.
  10. They were unblocked a day or so after stopping your med, which has a half life of just 2-4 hours. My akathisia persisted for much longer than a couple days, my dampened libido. And my brain chemistry still feels pretty changed. I still have mild akathisia. It's barely there, but it's there.
  11. Should my dopamine and serotonin receptors become increasingly unblocked in time to the point that everything is back to normal? All I want is for my brain to return to normal.
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