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  1. I am sick with this awful cold . My b/f doesn't want to catch it so he's basically leaving me alone maybe check on me once or twice that's it but refuses to sleep in same bed with me ( I hate when he doesn't ). If the tables were turned I would be serving him like a waitress and rubbing his back and constantly care taking of him . Is it because of my BPD I am so sensitive to how he feels I ask myself? Can anyone else relate . Or is it just because he's a guy.
  2. looking for someone to talk to about self-injury in general just someone to relate to. as some of you may know people with borderline personality disorder have codependancy issues, and since my boyfriend has left for a trip to another state i have been self-injuring. my psychiatrist hasnt returned my calls about me needing medication, and i havent been able to get any counselors to call me back , since here in new jersey they are always busy and have long waiting lists. anyone have any tips in general, how to overcome urges , and how not to succeed in scaring my boyfriend off. i told him that i did it once, and he was pretty freaked out and i had to promise him i wouldnt again, even though i have been 3 days in a row now. i need to get it under control ,or i think my boyfriend will be pretty upset with me. i know i can hide it from him and just keep doing it but it feels wrong.
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