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  1. I've played Counter-Strike in various iterations for many years, from 1.6 through Source to Global Offensive. I must play 40-60 hours a week these days. One of the annoying things about insomnia is that there are 24 useable hours to fill in every day ?
  2. Yeah, I figured that with the increase of aripiprazole that is where he was going. He's also told me there is an option to go up to 30mg of ari if I need to. Is Haldol known for having side effects with long term usage? I've heard of tremors but nothing more sinister than that. Maybe you can shed some light on possible side effects?
  3. He said there were less side effects with the aripiprazole at higher doses. I've never had a side effect from haldol in my life. It's very curious really. I don't know why he did it, even after I told him it was the most efficacious, will ask at next appt.
  4. My lithium levels have been borderline loow for years and I just figured that I didn't need it any more. He is tapering me off that though. As for the haldol, he didn't want me on a higher dose as last time I was i had serious temors etc. Rather would increase the aripiprazole in line with the decrese of haldol. You're right though. Coming off two meds at once is not proving to be the best idea. Thanks for the link too
  5. I saw my pdoc Thurs and he wasn't happy with me being on two separate antipsych meds. He took me off the haldol (effective) and put up the aripiprazole (not so effective). He's stopped it cold turkey, no weaning down. I was on 10mg but have been on doses ranging up to 20mg for around 5 years. I now can't sleep and am jittery and agitiated. Having to take large quants of lorzepam just to calm me enough so I can make it 5 minutes down the road. He also took me off lithium, but that was at my request. Question being: Is this normal for coming off Haldol? Or any antipsych med for that matter? Could coming off the haldol and the lithium together be a bad move? Thanks in advance guys. Hitch
  6. Olanzapine was the most effective for my psychosis, but by god were the side-effects horrible. They're why I came off it. Having quite a lot success with haloperidol and no side effects, so that's probably my favourite so far.
  7. I'm doing *mostly* ok on a mix of aripiprazole and haloperidol. Didn't work the first time around, but did the second. I put it down to the increased stress I was getting from my mental health team that made things worse. They were terrible!
  8. Shit man, that really sucks! Sorry the patches didn't help you. Have you thought about another way of getting your nicotine, like gum? Might help with the oral fixation as well. Shame your teeth are so bad and your cousin won't help, hopefully something comes along soon and you can get them done, a nice bonus or something like that.
  9. How are you getting on gb84? I managed to quit by just going cold turkey. However, it took me a lot of attempts to do it. I'm finally there though and had my last smoke around 14 months ago. Hope things are going well and the patches/mint stuff are working!
  10. I see a specialist in the next 3-4 weeks who will look further into the problem and also look at pain management options. Will have to wait and see what they say. Hoping they can find something to help minimise painkiller use, that would be very helpful!
  11. Unknown at the moment, it depends on further tests. I've had x-ray and MRI done. Still need to consult with a neurosurgeon, hopefully before Xmas. It could become chronic though, yes. I'll ask about gabapentin too, thanks peeps. @dilemma @gb84
  12. That's a thoroughly sensible way of looking at it. Thanks CrazyRedhead. I hope I can stay on the straight and narrow with it as I really need opiates to kill the pain at the minute. Hopefully my back gets better soon. We'll see. Will bear your advice in mind though.
  13. He knows that I have addiction issues, but I've never specified what with, other than alcohol. I was screwing that telling him would mean that if I ever needed painkillers, he'd say no. And I genuinely need them at the moment lol.
  14. So I used to have a penchant for all things in the opiate variety. I've been off them for a number of years, but just recently have suffered a "severe" back injury and have to take prescribed opiates. I'm kind of worried that I'm going to start using them more and more again. I'm currently on tramadol and codeine, but my gdoc is talking about hydrocodone as the aforementioned aren't working at all. Just worried that I'm going to go back to old habits. Has anyone else been here and have some advice?
  15. Off the wagon again...

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