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  1. Well, I decided to let my friend (who is VERY new at tattooing) ink me, with an idea I just impromptu thought of. At least it was something relevant to me and my life, considering it's the vegan V symbol, and I've been vegan for over 4 years now. :-P
  2. My family does not know, and I would rather die or kill them than let them find out. O.O
  3. I had self-harmed in various ways in my teens, but never cut until I was 19-20 I think. Now, I am still in recovery, and having someone understanding like my boyfriend has helped. He is also a recovering self-harmer who also started in adulthood, but that's because his mental health started affecting him in his early 20's.
  4. Although I have never been on Prozac, I was on Seroquel XR before, 600mg did the trick (mind you I have BP with predominant Mania and Psychosis).
  5. Propranolol will affect your ability to sleep after taking it, since unlike Benzos, it is not sedative. Maybe if taking it at night, make it AT LEAST 2 hours before bed?
  6. I think your symptoms help determine your eligibility as well. For example, I have BP1 with Psychosis. I predominantly get Mania, which is where I have Psychosis issues. Even with my mood stabilizer, I still have mild Manic symptoms occasionally. That may be part of why I was accepted first try.
  7. Sounds like it may be at least Hypomania, since part of the criteria is also how it affects your functioning. Nonetheless, it is diagnostically relevant, especially since with it sounding like Hypomania, that is typical of Bipolar 2, which has more Depressive episodes typically. It would make sense if this seldom happens. But none of us are doctors, so I think bringing it up will help your doctor with figuring out your diagnosis and treatment.
  8. Depends on where you live as well what the process is like. I was accepted first-try and saw a worker in a matter of 5 months, whereas my boyfriend was denied and has to do a hearing. In Canada, legal representation for these hearings is free, not sure what services are available in other countries.
  9. Thank you for the response. I am hoping it works well without weird side effects. My older sister takes it in a larger dose for Fibromyalgia, and never got a rash from it, so hopefully I won't have that kind of problem. Good to know it has had positive effects on Anxiety for you at least. :-)
  10. I am on Lithium, and have predominantly Manic episodes. The Lithium is helping the mood swings, but not my Anxiety, so I am going to soon be trying Lyrica for my Anxiety. Does anybody else have experience with the combination, OE even just Lyrica for anxiety? Any input would be awesome. :-)
  11. Oh, there is a Great Tits and Boobies thread? Well then... *gets on slutty shirt* LOL I kid!
  12. Hey Jamie, I'm glad you found your way over to these CRAAAAAAAAAAYZAY boards. I'm sure you'll fit in just fine.
  13. Hello! I'm new here myself, and also a Bipolar gamer. Haha, look forward to seeing you around!
  14. Thanks for all the welcomes! Chris, I looked over the user agreement already. Wasn't that mandatory for the membership process because of the nipple clamps?
  15. Woke up in this nutshell after a crazy bender. XD *Puts on binoculars* Let's explore!!
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