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  1. Thank you burial. It is very expensive to self pay for Buprenorphine and more and more it's being prescribed, off label, for treatment resistant depression. My insurance will pay for it if prescribed for opioid dependency. Hopefully some day soon insurances will pay for it for off label uses. Good Luck to you too.
  2. OCD medications approved by the FDA specifically for the treatment of OCD: Anafranil (clomipramine) Prozac (fluoxetine) Luvox (fluvoxamine) Paxil (paroxetine hydrochloride) Zoloft (sertraline) Although not formally approved by the FDA for treatment of OCD, other types of SSRIs, as well as serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs), are being prescribed by physicians "off-label" as OCD medications.
  3. DerMisanthrop I feel greatly for you and your situation. Years ago I was in your shoes in this situation. Please find someone to be your advocate. I was able, in time, to force myself to assert myself. I did this in part for me and in part for others like me -passive and afraid. To this day I still get a flip flop in the chest if I have to assert myself to a non psychiatric physican telling me it's all in my head. I thank you for your candid post as it gives me strength to continue to force myself to be assertive with non psychiatric physicians giving me the 'in your head' bologna. My only prayer is that someday all doctors with this attitude will knock it off.
  4. This is not the study I was approved for BUT it is the same study only in Pittsburgh. http://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT01407575 The study I will be starting next month is in NYC but is nearly identical to the study done at Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic, WPIC, in Pittsburgh last year. I offer the link to the Buprenorphine study at The University of Pittsburgh, WPIC as my study has nothing, yet, online. I'm a little nervous about all of this. It's going to be tough getting up and getting moving to get on the damn subway and get to NYU Hospital for my dose each day. I won't know if I am getting a placebo or the buprenorphine. The last study I did was in 1988 and it was not good for me. It was to determine if fluoxetine was better than placebo. I went for 12 weeks not knowing if I was taking fluoxetine or placebo. When the study was over I was told I was in the fluoxetine group and I felt not any improvement at all during the entire 12 weeks. I did report each week with the shrink that I was beyond insomnia, anxious and I lost 20 lbs in 12 weeks. One thing of being in a study is you get to see all sides of what meds really do as we all of course exchanged numbers and talked the entire 12 weeks. Half the damn group on fluoxetine had no anti depressant effect but the other half did. Half the group on placebo had anti depressant effect and the other half did not but did have side effects from the placebo. In order to get ready for this study I had to go 12 weeks without ANY psychiatric meds!!! Have several blood tests to prove I was 'washing out' and lots more. I'm half out of my mind with depression as my prior cocktail was doing a minimal job helping depression, not great but decent enough to allow me to function at my normal low level. Wish me well. I need some support. Buprenorphine is and has already been in use, off label of course, as an anti depressant for treatment resistant depression. I know one person face to face on it for 'stubborn depression', since the day it was on the pharmacy shelf and he has not had to raise the dose even once and gets moderately good results and has been back to work! But I can't afford a private practice psychiatrist at 350.00 an hour for the first visit and 220.00 a month for a 20 minute med check. Wish me well with this as if this doesn't take it's ECT or the bone yard for me.
  5. Welcome april. I enjoyed our chat just a few minutes ago. I also tend to be a loner and encourage you to get out as I force myself to and usually feel better after getting out.
  6. If it was me, I'd tell the jerk that I am under the care of a board certified psychiatrist and then leave the exam room to get a HIPPA from the nurse, return to the exam room, fill it out and sign it in front of the jerk and tell him to go for it! If he became apologetic and passive I'd drop the issue and continue with him. If he became more obnoxious I'd state loudly he was discriminating against me for having mental illness, hope the hell his malpractice insurance is current and paid and will be filing a civil suit against him and the practice! with the help of our local ACLU next business day! I have had a few of these jerks and I always win, always get my way and have been thanked later by nurses in the practice stating someone needed to put the doctor in his place and he works better now with other patients having mental illness. We all have to stick up for each other. United we stand, divided we fall.
  7. Coffeetime, you have earned the ignore feature with me. You post seeking direction and such and then delete it, wow, you are so very sincere. If you did not want honest feedback you should not have posted! I won't tell you what I think you want to hear. I will respond with MY thoughts which you have a right to ignore as everyone here does. You post of grief over the suicide of your boyfriend, your seductive biological father you haven't seen in years and him getting you high and then having sex with you.... and then ask for thoughts and don't like the thoughts and delete your post. Ok, more thoughts.............. since you deleted the post, why not! Your post was suspect to me from the get go...... but because this is a community of those living with mental illness I took it as is but since you deleted it I'll tell you that my initial thought of your post was you were voyering a father-son incest fantasy. You and I both know your post reeked and was almost verbatim of some 'daddy' sites of written fantasy........... Ok, I'll stop now as I think you got my message loud and clear. IF your post was real get help for yourself. If it was voyering a 'daddy' fantasy don't ever do it again here.
  8. 'Is that stupid? Am I making excuses for him?' I don't read blogs so I am unaware of the rest of this in your blog. Yes that is stupid. You are making excuses for him. You are also making excuses for yourself. 'He's into drugs, occasionally. Not long after I moved in with him, I started getting stoned with him, and a few times we ended up having sex.' 'The other thing I wonder is whether it's okay to still want to have contact with him and maintain a relationship.' Do you really think that the sex won't happen again? Do you really think that the drug abuse won't happen again? Maintain WHAT relationship with him? A get high and have sex relationship? Your father isn't the problem at this very present time - it's you, your grief from the suicide and your loneliness. If any father does this to his child of any age he should be drawn and quartered. Deal with you first and then deal with 'dad'. You need to tell your therapist for your own mental health and also ask your therapist to point you in the direction of law enforcement. Do you really think your dad won't do this again to another teen? Incest is a serious issue and you need help and your 'dad' needs a police officer in his face. Try to find a survivor of suicide support group. Ask your therapist if s/he knows of any. Drug abuse and incest are NOT healthy coping mechanisms. Both will only make things worse. Move out, stay away from him and never go back. He is a sexual predator and needs involvement in the criminal justice system. Take care. '
  9. You can name anyone as rep. payee. If you have a trusted family member or friend it's one more option for you.
  10. Maybe you can't figure it out because we are all a cloth of many threads. We are all physical, mental, psychological, social, cultural, spiritual (in whatever way we define this) and it's all interwoven into our being. I know for me, when one of the above is in crises the others will sometimes compensate by being stronger and helpful giving me a handle to hold onto so I don't fall. If you are not thinking of harming yourself or others and are safe why not just set the deep introspection aside until you are feeling better? Do what you need to do for yourself right now and be close to Him when and if you can and need to and maintain a respectful distance from Him when you can and need to and then after you are feeling better try to figure out the cause and effects of your spirituality in relation to your mental health issues. 'how do I know if i'm just growing in my spirituality vs. cycling up to hypomania? (never been manic)' You don't know right now! Each is a part of you in a different way as the spirituality is one part of you and the mental health issues is one part of you. It's like a multi lane highway system with all the lanes going in the same direction but each lane having a different purpose. One lane is designated the fast lane, one is designated for slower speeds, one lane is for those going far, one is for those going to exit to another lane and so on. It's all the same highway but with different lanes for different purposes. We are all made of many lanes, physical, mental, psychological, social, cultural, spiritual and one can be doing something completely independent of the others or with the others or with only one other. Maybe your spiritual lane is going faster than your mental? Or maybe your mental is going slower than the spiritual? If you are not thinking of harming yourself or others and are safe why not just go with each lane as is right now? You can slow down or speed up in whatever lane you want or not even drive right now in any lane you want making a pit stop for gas and taking a break from driving. Don't overthink things right now rather set it aside for when all the lanes are going at the same speed - then think about how all of your lanes go together or not. Talk about this with a trusted person, therapist, counselor, family, friend, pastor/priest/rabbi/spiritual person, and be sure to report this to the prescribing psychiatrist. Report your thoughts that you think you might be cycling up to hypomania today to your psychiatrist or the psych nurse. Tell the pdoc just what you posted here. I wish you well.
  11. I've been on every AD, every AD. Mirtazapine worked well on me each time I tried it for about two months and then gave me bad anxiety for which I took a benzo prn but then I had to stop this AD. It's a typical tetracyclic AD and in me, they all work well enough and help me and then boom, anxiety from hell. Please talk to your prescriber. I'm sorry you are having anxiety. If you need to be alone then be alone.
  12. Actually WR, I would like people to include myself to be more proactive about fighting stigma of MI in any form to include T shirts such as these. I would like to see the manufacturer called out on national TV, maybe a popular (didn't say good) show such as Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, anything with Oprah and asked about the so called logic and marketing of selling such a T shirt and have on the show either people living with schizophrenia or those living with them. I've emailed the vendor but not yet the manufacturer. Every communication counts. The T shirt is making fun of those with MI. I think anyone with MI has a right to know of anything being sold making fun of those with MI. And if I wanted to post a post just to get anyone going as you seem to imply I would have posted this one instead but I found it too cruel or possibly even triggering. WR, please read posts as is and please don't 'read into' my posts..... Thank You. You earned the prestigious ignore for me. This link could be triggering and unfortunately I've seed the hipsters wearing this shirt, it's wrong. http://www.zazzle.com/youre_just_jealous_because_funny_tee-235495797632271602
  13. What do you think of this T shirt? http://www.zazzle.com/funny_t_shirt_kiss_me_twice_im_schizophrenic-235381198538147186 or rather I mean, what do you think of the words on the T shirt? In a local to me print newspaper (not online so I don't have a link) is an article of the father of a young lady living with schizophrenia having written to the manufacturer stating his daughter's illness is not a trivial matter and is not a 'split personality' and requests stopping production of the T shirt. I agree with the father. What's your take, if any?
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