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  1. Hey Zelling, I'm glad you're finding some use for this thread :-) It's hard, but we're not alone. WA98104 - Your post worried me a little, I hope you're doing better now than you were then. It is hard to find the people who care amount all the people that are paid, but they do exist. I found one once, and she was wonderful. Being a therapist or whatever is a very difficult job to do if you don't give a shit about your patients, so although there is money involved, please don't assume everyone is the same even though it certainly seems that way when that toilet of life is trying to flush you under. That said, sometimes strangers can help you a great deal too. There are loads of people on here who have helped me and probably wont realise how much. I haven't been on cb in awhile but I read your post, and you don't have to do it alone. CB is full or people who will listen and who care. Papers x
  2. False, its the middle of the afternoon and I'm waiting to go to work... I want to go to bed though! The person below me gets heartburn a lot...
  3. Depends, Empathic I'd say was to describe someone who was in-tune with other people emotions (there are people who can apparently 'absorb' other people's emotions, so you'll walk into a room fine but someone will be depressed and you pick up on their mood and become depressed. or the other way round). That's what an Empathic person is to me. But empathetic for me means someone who tries to understand someone else's mood/feelings, even if they don't get it they make the effort. I guess I'd say one was to describe a person (empathic) and the other was to describe their actions (empathetic). For me... but spell checker doesn't register empathic as a word lol. I'm Pagan, so Empathics do come up a lot, if its what you believe in. Do you have a sofa that can recline?
  4. Argh, I read an article somewhere which offered a sort of half hearted explanation. *Edit, found it* It was an interesting read, although being on Cracked.com I think it may have been half heartedly true. http://www.cracked.com/article_20905_5-brain-disorders-that-started-as-evolutionary-advantages.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed:+CrackedRSS+(Cracked:+All+Posts) It boiled down to some scientist believing that when we were cave men we would be 'manic' during the warmer, better weather. We would gather food, build shelters, hunt and mate. Then during the winter months we would hit the down phase, sleep more, eat the food we had reserved, and the women would sit in the cave being pregnant. The when the summer came again, we'd have kids and they'd have more chance of survival because of the good weather. And we'd essentially start it all again. Now we have no need to release the manic energy through farming and gathering, we just sit and stare at computers and wonder why we can't face turning them on. It was amusing if not a thought provoking theory anyway.
  5. True-ish. I am the kind of person who is relived when it becomes winter, but then also happy when the sun comes out again. Variety I think, is my need. I prefer sunny days and rainy nights. Nothing beats trying to sleep in the rain. The person below me still lives with their parents/parent?
  6. No I don't! :-) Do you like ice cream?
  7. False, not a fan. The person below me likes trees.
  8. Hi everyone, I just thought I'd update! (And I have found the cause, Broken_Pieces, my mystery illness is no longer a mystery...) My symptoms are anxiety related, fueled by stress. I presume everything has just been building, job losses, that stupid warehouse shit, losing the house, money worries... it's still not okay but we moved out and we don't have the rent and bill worry anymore and that helped a lot. I've never really understood stress making you ill, but it really does... I've just never been under enough of it to make me ill before apparently. I didn't even feel 'stressed' I was unhappy and I was worried, but I didn't realise how bad it was until I was taken out of the situation and allowed to break down. I just thought I'd let you know that's what was 'up'. Thank you all for being so supportive *big CB hugs*
  9. I'm still here! Somewhere... She is dropping it off at the end of march as she's 'on placement' at the moment, outside the UK. She assures me she hasn't taken the laptop with her to Spain. I posted to her wall, and she responded eventually. Getting there... ha. I have a car now, so I'm going to drive round to her house when she gets home! She's posted the date on her facebook, and her boyfriend told me where they live.
  10. To get up before 9am (DONE!) To do some washing, IE my work uniform (needs doing still... but I will get it done because its muddy) To eat lunch (failed.) To do my make-up and hair (DONE eventually)
  11. Thank you, to everyone who has replied! It is nice to know I'm not alone, but I do feel awful that you guys feel the same too, its not something I'd wish on anyone Even when I'm having what I'd consider a good day, I could still just give up and lie in the middle of the road if I had the energy to do so. *sigh*
  12. False, although I've never really tried lemon water? I tend to just drink squash or lemonade. I suppose I would like it if I tried it? The person below me has an ipad or tablet?
  13. It's warmer than it has been! Still a little chilly so I took a jacket out with me earlier. Didn't need it though. (and they said we'd have snow in march...) Do you usually drink enough during the day?
  14. Medical trauma is more common than you'd think, particularly with children. Not only do young children struggle to understand medical procedures, they often get treated for symptoms parents notice, the child themselves may not even realise they're unwell. So they often don't make the connection of 'Ill - doctors - still ill - hospital - better' they just go to this big place, get some pretty tough testing done (and procedures too) and then left overnight with no parents and some weird nurses that don't communicate the same way they did when mummy was around. Adults too of course, people wake up during operations, they get mistreated by other patients or staff etc. Even if a procedure we wouldn't think twice about because it needs doing, kids sometimes don't get it. They make negative connections with things like injections, sharp objects (if they've had to be awake for minor surgery and seen the equipment) and masks covering faces. You get all sorts of things develop from pretty routine procedures like claustrophobia and anxiety to name a few. However medical experimentation isn't widely 'known' I suppose, we seem to think everything doctors and nurses do has been trialed and tested etc. in places like the USA and UK. Other countries we know dodgy shit goes off. Medical experimentation I imagine, has devastating effects for those who have survived to remember the ordeal. My depersonalisation disorder started when I was very young and resulted from an over night hospital stay where I wondered off in search of my mum. I remember it like a horror film with the corridors. I was terrified and trapped, and then remembered seeing myself sat on the bed with this nurse injecting me. I was yelling and kicking but couldn't move to save the me sat on the bed. Turns out I was in for unexplainable stomach pains, and nothing major like an operation. It took me nearly 10 years to snap out of that depersonalised episode and I still suffer from it on and off now, but at least its not constant anymore. Slightly more to the question: After Tdocs appointment I usually do what you said, and make sure I don't have work or any other commitments for a couple of days following, if possible. I also don't do anything stressful like watching potentially triggering TV/DVDs whatever. The last thing you need to see is CSI and some weird case they're doing that involves rape, or something along those lines. I make my favourite meal as a 'reward' and do something to help me process, like knitting. I can think but not too deeply because I have to concentrate! Music in the car helps me actually get home, but sometimes I do sit in the Tdoc car park and blubber some more, although its more of a 'thank the gods thats out and over with'.
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