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    Aspergers, Bipolar II, reading, crochet, animals
  1. AwkwardPenguin, Hmmmm, here's my 2 cents! You mentioned social anxiety and sensory issues and 'other people' in your head. Have you been tested for Aspergers, or as they now call it: Autism Spectrum Disorder? I'm 53 years old...something has not been right with me since birth! I have horrible sensory sensitivity issues, major social anxiety (probably all the other anxieties, as well), nasty depression that won't go away, no matter what I take or how much of it I take. First I was dx'd with Major Depression, then Social Anxiety, then GAD, then ADD, was put on all kinds of meds (at 36 yrs old!!
  2. Just want to say thanks to those who responded! I'm going to try some Omega 3 fish oil. After doing much research, fish oil was most often mentioned as a "help" for those withdrawing from SSRI meds. And a very slow tapering down! Glad I'm only on 15mg per day... Hope the withdrawls won't be too unbearable!
  3. Hi, I'm new, but my anxiety (depression, aspergers, etc etc) is NOT!! Ok....I'm on Lamictal, been on 75mg for about 6 months now. Was on Effexor for over 15 years...didn't do me any good...tried to go off! My brain took a permanent hike into hell. So I trot on off to the doc for help...he puts me on Prozac to help with the withdrawls....YAY, I'm off Effexor. The Prozac made me angry and irritable and agitated and made all my asperger symptoms worse. Ok back to the doc I go. He puts me on Paxil....in the mean time I go to my primary care doc, cuz it is time to check my thyroid (hypothyroid her
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