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    Anime, manga, and doujinshi. I have schizophrenia.

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  1. Tramadol, neurontin and topamax are the only things that have worked on my pain. Really though, the topamax worked miracles for me. Mine is more of a chronic nerve/joint pain. I have a lot of back pain from scoliosis but I don't know if it's anything like yours. Mine seems really minor compared to most.
  2. It's a red panda and they are adorable! I seriously don't know how they manage to survive in the wild. Too adorable.
  3. When I was on Abilify I had to take it during the day because it was too activating to take at night.
  4. I've never cross tapered, I've always just stopped one and started another. I have more of a GAD though. From my experience, serotonin syndrome is pretty rare. But I'm no doctor. I think it should be ok though. I wouldn't be scared of doing a taper. That's me though. Best of luck!
  5. I've only had two therapists that moved on and had to terminate services. One gave me a referral to another tdoc that I didn't find very helpful since she had a policy of having her dog in the office and at the time I had a giant fear of dogs. (I swear this thing seemed T-rex sized but in reality was maybe Pomeranian sized.) It was pretty short notice, maybe 10 days. No meaningful words or anything that I remember. Neither was an awful experience. Just business. They were there to help me and when they needed to move on, they did. I can't even remember their names. My therapy is mostly CBT and social work based. I don't know if that makes a difference. Nothing deeply personal, just how to function and get things done, etc.
  6. Found kitty bite marks on the baby jesus this morning. I wonder if he tastes of holy guacamole?

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