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  1. Guess where I am kiddies!!!

  2. Being unemployed sucks but thankfully I have such amazing people in my life like Samia Mounts, Daniel Tornatore, Evan Smith, Nathaniel Smith, and so many others to give me support when I need it most. Thank you all for showing me so much love!

  3. Photo shoot with Ehsan Ababaf

  4. Anyone who wants to come play in the sand with me tomorrow morning should! I will be at the sand castle building competition in long beach and GETING PAID TO DO IT!

  5. So it has occured to me most people are not going to care enough to read my posts on what I have been going through, and that's fine. Friends (you know who you are) whom I have already spoken with have shown me much love and care, and I really can't ask for more. A special HUGE thanks to Samia Mounts who has gotten me through this rough patch and helped me have a healthy life. I now have an internship at a photo studio in Manhattan, where I get to chill on facebook and search the web for nons...

  6. Hey everyone, thank you all so much for the tips and advice. Today will be day one of not smoking and I am going to hold off on smoking for some time. I have to admit, before I was hospitalized I did smoke as a means to curb boredom and to focus myself while making music or art, definitely was habitual and not just for the desire to smoke. Marijuana does not stress me out or give me anxiety, on the contrary; as some people have a drink to unwind after a long day, I smoke to minimize my usual anxiety. It is only four hours into my little experiment of going cold turkey, and my bp cycling is about the same as yesterday when I had 3-4 tiny hits. I think not smoking is causing me to psych myself out which is giving me anxiety. I think the best thing to do is work out and then settle down with a book or draw for the day. Any tips or tricks to occupying my mind? I have a book on DBT which I am going to crack open now. Thanks again to everyone for the sound advice, will post more on this subject soon. Cheers, DTR
  7. Hey guys I'm new here. I will post an intro on the newbie board soon but I had an important question for y'alI. I was just diagnosed with bipolar I disorder and I wanted to know about marijuana use with lithium (I take 600mg twice daily) & risperidone (3mg once at night). I smoke a very minimal amount of marijuana, but I smoke daily. An eighth, or 3.5g, will last me well over a week. So I take small hits 3-4 times a day, and I may have experienced some more rapid cycling but nothing too scary. Just looking to see what other people's experiences have been and I wanted to know if anyone had any tips or advice on how to use marijuana responsibly while on these medications. I really don't want to give up smoking completely, hope someone out there can help. Thanks & all the best, DTR
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