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  1. I'm thinking of Loxapine myself. How is it for your agitation/anxiety?
  2. My hypo episodes are straight shit. Anxious, restless, tense, agitated. Everything but "euphoric". Then I conveniently get to feel the depression full bore. This is horse shit! Anyone else get terrible hypomanias? Also, what's worked best for them for you?
  3. Hey guys, back again after seroquel and Zyprexa both, for some reason decided to make my anxiety worse, rather than better. My pdoc mentioned that sometimes, there’s too much antidepressant effect with those two as to cause agitation and anxiety, similar to what I get on SSRI’s. Anyway, he prescribed me Abilify in an effort to titrations to 10mg or more. I’ve taken Abilify in the past and found that my anxiety increased, but I never went beyond 5mg. So I was skeptical, but my pdoc said that at higher doses, Abilify is actually pretty calming. Anyone else get that reaction? Is it true? thanks in advance.
  4. Yeah, about 2 weeks ago. I’ll just have to be patient I suppose. It squashed my hypo pretty good but dealing with insomnia and the low mood now. Will have to wait. Gonna ask my doc about an alternative to the diazepam though. Maybe back to trazodone but at a high dose.
  5. @Iceberg not sure to be honest. It’s been replaced by vraylar. Seroquel was agitating for me all of a sudden. Doc thinks I was a bit mixed on it. At least at therapeutic levels. @confused glad I’m not the only one who may be having this reaction.
  6. Title says it all. Been taking diazepam for sleep since stopping seroquel and have been feeling mildly dysphoric since then. Anyone else have that issue?
  7. Roger that. I’ll be sedated for a while as I taper seroquel but so far, I like the vraylar a lot. My agitation is way down, even without the diazepam on board (only needed for 3 nights). With the hypo largely gone now, I’m hoping for more mood brightening effect moving forward.
  8. Standard 1.5 mg day one and then 3 mg after that. So far, minimal side effects though I’ve been hiccuping a lot. Apparently it’s pretty rare and I’m hoping it passes soon (happened to me on Abilify too). No effect on mood yet and the diazepam is doing a number on the agitation. Feeling.... not bad.
  9. For everyone, I had pushed to 225 lamictal from 150. Also on 300 quel. Doc felt it was more the quel and the change in season that was pushing me up. Quel did well in the winter but not during the summer I guess. ive switched to vraylar and keeping the lamictal on board. Doc gave me diazepam to help with the transition. He offered clonazepam but I feel like diazepam is smoother.
  10. I spoke to the doctor yesterday. He actually suspected the quel moreso than the lamictal. He said he’d seen a manic switch in one of his patients before. Even pushing it to 800mg made it worse. Switching to vraylar now. Hoping it has more anti-manic properties.
  11. Not sure. I’m back on seroquel at the moment which is largely taking care of the insomnia, but the agitation remains.
  12. Hi all, I’ve been on lamictal for the past 15 months or so. Right from the beginning, it was helpful for depression after I fought through the initial titration but I had always dealt with insomnia and agitation on it. We tried to augment with lithium with little success and had a good few months on seroquel, but always, the agitation remained. We’ve tried many iterations of combinations with AAP’s, but none have been successful completely. Has anyone had this reaction to lamictal (constant agitation that doesn’t go away)? I want to experiment with coming off of it, but am afraid to return to depression as well. Kind of at a loss on what to do.
  13. Definitely something I'm strongly considering when I see my pdoc tomorrow. Thanks.
  14. No, pdoc offered diazepam (clonazepam makes me depressed) but I stubbornly refused as I am admittedly prejudiced against benzos. I’m functional, just crazy uncomfortable.
  15. That’s what I was afraid of. I’m about18 days from my last dose so it looks like I have a bit to go. Thank god the seroquel knocks me out for the night. Thanks.
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