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  1. Perphenzine a long time ago. Can't remember what it was like. It was prior to my bipolar dx and was on an AD at the time, so my results at that time would be unreliable any way.
  2. Do you think most insurance companies would be in such a hurry to approve this for BPD treatment though? I mean I can get most AAP's approved save for a preauth needed for on patent meds, but I worry that since Caplyta's only indication is schizophrenia, insurance won't cover it. I'm interested in trying nonetheless. Seems its side effect profile is better than the other AAP's.
  3. After several failures, I have returned to Zyprexa as my AAP. Zyprexa works, for the most part, but it makes me super hungry and I have a family history rich in diabetes 2. In short, I'd like to avoid that. However, it seems that the other AAP's kind of hate me. I've tried all the other Seroquel (agitation at therapeutic doses), Risperdal (agitation), Vraylar (agitation and insomnia), Abilify (agitation, insomnia and akathisia), Saphris (depression worse), Rexulti (agitation and insomnia), and Latuda (agitation and panic). I fall back to Zyprexa every time because it doesn't seem to cause those problems. Problem is, it doesn't solve all my problems (still mildly agitated and mildly depressed) either and this is with the risk of weight gain and other metabolic nasties. I'm trying to target agitation, weight gain and low mood. Current rx's are Lamictal 150mg, Lithium 900mg and Zyprexa 10mg. I'm still pretty agitated, and while I wouldn't call myself depressed, I'm not happy either. Who knows, maybe getting rid of the agitation might make me a little happier. Any way, the root of this post is this: how well does Loxapine treat agitation symptoms, and seeing as its metabolite is Amoxapine, does it have any benefit to mood as well? Has there been any weight issues associated with it? Are you able to get away with once a day dosing? My agitation is the worst in the morning and am hoping with an evening dose I can get some good deep sleep and maybe wake up in a better mood. I have a message in with my pdoc right now about increasing my Lamictal, but I want to also have a suggestion for a new AP as well for the agitation. Thanks in advance. Forgot to add @jarn I seem to remember you being on it.
  4. About 17 days now. I'm about ready to throw in the towel myself. I called my pdoc's answering service and found out he doesn't go on vacation until Wednesday. Put in a message to hopefully see him before he leaves. Taking the Zyprexa tonight. Wish me luck. BTW, how do you multiquote like that?
  5. I think I'll take the Zyprexa tonight even if I don't hear back from my pdoc (I think he's on vacation.... he mentioned it but not sure of the dates), Will deal with any ramifications after that if there are any (beg forgiveness vs ask permission). My pdoc knows I'm pretty responsible with my meds. The question still remains though, if I should continue to truck on with the Vraylar. Right now, I don't have the restlessness/anxiety that I had at 3 this morning but I certainly feel on edge, just like when I started the Vraylar. I had a total of 1 day respite, and now this. Can't they just make a diet Zyprexa lite?
  6. Spoke too soon. After my last post, I have had two of my worst nights of sleep since starting Vraylar. I’ll fall asleep, wake up 30 minutes later restless and anxious, pace for 5 minutes, fall asleep, lather, rinse, repeat. I emailed my pdoc as I’m afraid it might be akathisia. Surprised it’s hitting this late in the game although I’ve read it might be due to the long half life (delayed side effects). However, I’m very concerned that I’m not tired. Could I be heading into hypo territory? I was staring at my bottle of Zyprexa last night that’s meant for emergencies but wasn’t sure if I could take both the Vraylar and Zyprexa together. Anyone do that before? crossing my fingers that pdoc gets back to me soon.
  7. For anyone following or seeking an answer to this question in the future. Day 16: got a great night of sleep in just 50mg Trazodone and the anxiety is going down rapidly. Glad I stuck it out. Praying the good vibes continue.
  8. Came down with a sinus infection this weekend that just obliterated my sleep (tooth and sinus pain made it unbearable to lie down and I got just a couple hours sleep over a period of a couple of days. Stinks that with the lithium, my only option is Tylenol, but it helped a bit (naproxen was my go to prior to Li). Got some antibiotics yesterday and took my third dose this morning. Doubled my traz and actually slept pretty decent last night all things considered. The only thing is that my BP symptoms seems to be out of whack. Anyone else seem to get an exacerbation of symptoms when they're sick? Mine seems to be a mild return of depression along with some anxiety that had largely gone before this recent bout of sinusitis.
  9. Update: I'm still on Vraylar 1.5mg. Been 8 days now. Side effects are improving slowly. Still feel mildly anxious, but what's really bothering me is the fatigue. I just feel like a big weight is hanging off of me all the time and all I want to do is lie down. I don't of course, as I have to work, but damn the urge is real. I have noticed that while I'm not "depressed" at this time, I am fairly flat. I know meds don't magically make you happy, but I was hoping that as the depression lifted, I'd feel a little more positive. Is this flatness possibly the med? If it is, will it go away? Otherwise, I fell it might be mood related, but I swear I had more of an ability to feel happy prior to the Vraylar, as little as it was. I do see emotion peek through at times. I was watching a recording of some documentary about people living with prader-willi syndrome and I found myself inappropriately tearing up. I was just thinking why the hell am I tearing up? This isn't sad.... any way. Just thought I'd update.
  10. Just an update. I took 5mg diazepam with 100mg Trazodone and slept (albeit lightly) through most of the night. It was bliss. Still dealing with some anxiety today though but the better sleep has improved my overall well being. Thanks for the tip.
  11. Would you consider typical APs? Haldol, maybe? Otherwise, for AAP's, I'd say you're right on Olanzapine with regard to wide spectrum usage. Helps me with anxiety, depression, hypomania, agitation/anger, etc. Just makes me too fat to use more than sparingly.
  12. I'm on 1.5. Staying on 1.5 for now. Glad to hear that our similar side effects abated over time. I think I may have to just take the diazepam to see if it helps with the sleep. Will try both tonight and will let you know the results. Thanks!
  13. Looking for some current or former users of Vraylar. I'm so close to being stable it's frustrating that I'm not getting there. My stalwarts Lithium and Lamictal do most of the heavy lifting from suicidal thoughts to the worst of the depression, but I continued to deal with agitation, dysphoria, late stage insomnia and some anxiety. I've been trialing medications as adjuncts to my primary meds but I seem to always have issues of tolerability. Right now, I'm about 5 days into Vraylar and the side effects I'm experiencing is: increased anxiety and agitation, nausea, increased insomnia, sweating, loss of appetite and fatigue (with the insomnia, gee I wonder why?). Anyone else deal with these side effects? Did they go away? Any advice on getting through start up effects would be appreciated. Want to mention, I can take up to 100mg of Trazodone for sleep (helps me fall asleep, but not stay asleep) and 10mg Diazepam for anxiety, which I've hesitated to take (I'm a bit of a benzophobe).
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