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  1. Funny you ask the same day I check back in. I can’t remember how long I’ve been in the caplyta now. The good? I have no depression. The bad? I’m still agitated even after a course of klonopin to get me through the start up phase and am now on 100mg seroquel XR for all day anxiety coverage. Life is okay for now. Sure I wish I feel better but I need to take a break from changes for at least a couple more weeks. Will update again.
  2. Just a couple days so far. I'm hoping that the effects even out as I continue to take it.
  3. Hi all, just recently started klonopin .5mg BID/TID and am pretty happy with its effectiveness on my anxiety and agitation. I've noticed though, that it doesn't seem to last more than 8 hours as evidenced by my anxiety interrupting my sleep when it wore off, and now 9 hours after my last dose when I woke up. Has anyone experienced these peaks and valleys before? Can I expect it to even out as the medication builds up in my body? Any shared experiences would be appreciated.
  4. Yeah, I'm just looking forward to feeling less anxious. My mood has been good considering the circumstances. I figure I'll be groggy for a week or two while I adjust to klonopin, huh? Thanks for all of your input.
  5. I just got a higher dose of guanfacine today along with a change from Valium 10mg 2x/day to Klonopin .5mg 3x/day. Doc wants to keep with the Caplyta (I even mentioned going back to Zyprexa) and preferred long term benzo over long term Zyprexa - probably due to my weight over the last year. We'll see. I pick up the Klonopin tonight and will do a loading dose of 2 pills before bedtime (per Doc's instructions), then 3x daily following that. Hope this works.
  6. I'm titrating due to a common complaint... weight gain. While it made me a little flat it was good for my anxiety and sleep. I was hoping I could maintain those benefits and reduce the weight gain and flatness with a switch to Caplyta. The fact that these meds are so different is a plausible reason for my current distress and something I'll take into consideration. I have emailed my pdoc and let him know I'm struggling. I also asked about klonopin and conidine as replacements to help with the agitation. I hesitate to blame the Caplyta as the PI sheet doesn't list anxiety/agitation as a side effect, but who knows? Thanks for tagging @mikl_pls You always seem to respond to my posts. Thank you for that.
  7. Any input is GREATLY appreciated!!! So I've been tapering my 10mg dose of Zyprexa for the past 3 weeks or so, so that I can start Caplyta. For the first 2 weeks, I tapered down to 5mg with no problems, however about 9 days ago, I stepped down to 2.5mg. Since that step down I've felt awful. My sleep is broken, and I end up waking up between 4-5am filled w/ anxious and restless energy. My days are filled with more of that restless energy. I've felt nauseated through the mornings, my body aches, had diarrhea for a few days and I'm tired but can't sleep. 10mg diazepam takes some of the edge off, but not by much and trazodone puts me to sleep but doesn't keep me asleep. My pdoc rx'ed some intuniv to help with some of the edginess but I swear it does nothing but make my body feel heavy and nothing for the edginess. I've been on the Caplyta since all this started but I don't think it's the problem, because I'd been on it for about 10 days before the shit hit the fan. I'm so tempted to take a full dose of Zyprexa to just get some relief but I also don't want to start over again. Am I doomed to spend the rest of my life on this shit? When does the agitation stop? Would Klonopin be better than Valium? And would clonidine be better than intuniv? I don't know what to do.
  8. Hi, just an update. I've now been on Caplyta for 10 days now. I can't say if it's doing much. It's not doing anything bad, so that's good. I think any effects it's doing is hidden because I continue to take Zyprexa (tapering), which is masking the effect maybe. I have reduced my Z from 10mg to 2.5 over the past week and a half (9 days at 5, 1 day at 2.5) so I'm feeling a little bit of the withdrawal from that with some anxiety and insomnia. Mood's stable on the depressed side of euthymic (very mild). I do find I have a lot more concentration though... maybe a positive sign. I'll update again after I'm off Z. I'm asking my pdoc for smaller sized pills so I can break it down even further to 1.25. Cutting an oblong pill into quarters is a PITA.
  9. I think they will. They approved Rexulti without a BP indication so I’m crossing my fingers.
  10. BP depression. I’m about 75% we’ll with Zyprexa as my AAP. Want to see if caplyta can get me the rest of the way without the metabolic side effects.
  11. I was prescribed caplyta in Friday and wanted to get feedback while it sits in preauthorization purgatory from those who’ve taken it on things like depression and anxiety. Thanks!
  12. So my pdoc and I finally came to the conclusion that it is a strong likelihood that my dose of 150mg Lamictal is causing my agitation/anxiety by keeping me in a perpetual hypomanic state (with some nice mixed features thrown in there). I've cycled through the AAP's and AC's plus I'm on a healthy dose of lithium (1200mg.... don't ask my levels, I don't remember) and none have been able to tamp down the agitation sufficiently enough. As much as I think the Lamictal has helped my depression, I can't be happy with how agitated I feel (if that makes sense). The plan is to cut it in half for the next two weeks until I see him again, and then reassess from there. So really, I'm starting at 75mg starting tomorrow morning. Has anyone had any experience with tapering off their Lamictal? Did you relapse into depression? If so, how long did it take? Did anyone find that their anxiety improved after stopping Lamictal? Any feedback is appreciated.
  13. I thought about that possibility but I'm not sure if that's what it is. It's really hard to describe but it definitely doesn't feel like an RLS type of restlessness. More just like slugged 2 pots of coffee, you know?
  14. Hi, so I've been on Risperdal for the last 3.5 weeks at a dose of 2mg for the first two weeks and 3mg since. Starting about 1 week into starting the Risperdal I've been dealing with an anxiety that isn't really anxiety. I'm not scared or fearful, but I feel buzzy and overcaffeinated. Maybe agitated? This feeling doesn't seem to be affected by actually consuming caffeine. I also have trouble sleeping without a sleep aid. To fall asleep I need something like low dose Seroquel and I often wake up at about 5:00am buzzy and uncomfortable so I just toss and turn until it's time to get up at 6:15. I don't think I'm depressed as I'm not sad and my interest in things is distracted but not absent. At any rate, this feeling has only increased when increasing to 3mg. I thought Risperdal was supposed to be calming and reduce anxiety? Any chance this goes away over time? I'm tempted to just go back to Zyprexa which works but have wanted to avoid, but I guess I'm destined to get fat.
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