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  1. Roger that. I’ll be sedated for a while as I taper seroquel but so far, I like the vraylar a lot. My agitation is way down, even without the diazepam on board (only needed for 3 nights). With the hypo largely gone now, I’m hoping for more mood brightening effect moving forward.
  2. Standard 1.5 mg day one and then 3 mg after that. So far, minimal side effects though I’ve been hiccuping a lot. Apparently it’s pretty rare and I’m hoping it passes soon (happened to me on Abilify too). No effect on mood yet and the diazepam is doing a number on the agitation. Feeling.... not bad.
  3. For everyone, I had pushed to 225 lamictal from 150. Also on 300 quel. Doc felt it was more the quel and the change in season that was pushing me up. Quel did well in the winter but not during the summer I guess. ive switched to vraylar and keeping the lamictal on board. Doc gave me diazepam to help with the transition. He offered clonazepam but I feel like diazepam is smoother.
  4. I spoke to the doctor yesterday. He actually suspected the quel moreso than the lamictal. He said he’d seen a manic switch in one of his patients before. Even pushing it to 800mg made it worse. Switching to vraylar now. Hoping it has more anti-manic properties.
  5. Not sure. I’m back on seroquel at the moment which is largely taking care of the insomnia, but the agitation remains.
  6. Hi all, I’ve been on lamictal for the past 15 months or so. Right from the beginning, it was helpful for depression after I fought through the initial titration but I had always dealt with insomnia and agitation on it. We tried to augment with lithium with little success and had a good few months on seroquel, but always, the agitation remained. We’ve tried many iterations of combinations with AAP’s, but none have been successful completely. Has anyone had this reaction to lamictal (constant agitation that doesn’t go away)? I want to experiment with coming off of it, but am afraid to return to depression as well. Kind of at a loss on what to do.
  7. Definitely something I'm strongly considering when I see my pdoc tomorrow. Thanks.
  8. No, pdoc offered diazepam (clonazepam makes me depressed) but I stubbornly refused as I am admittedly prejudiced against benzos. I’m functional, just crazy uncomfortable.
  9. That’s what I was afraid of. I’m about18 days from my last dose so it looks like I have a bit to go. Thank god the seroquel knocks me out for the night. Thanks.
  10. Hi all, just to update everyone on the current situation. Back in early May, I abruptly stopped taking 1mg of Rexulti (which I had been on in varying doses for about 5 weeks) due to side effects. About 3 days later, I started to feel what seemed to be a lot of agitation that I dismissed as withdrawal symptoms from the Rexulti. When they didn't abate, and knowing that I intended to return to Seroquel which I had success with previously (tried Rexulti to see if I could do another AAP with less sedation... regretting it now), my pdoc authorized for me to go back on to 300mg xr, my previous dose a week later. On a regular check in a week after that, I noticed that I was still feeling pretty agitated, even on the 300mg dose and it was decided to try 450mg. A week after that, here I stand on 450mg, and I'm still uncomfortably agitated. I had read that the half life of Rexulti is super long so I was wondering if this agitation may be related to a prolonged withdrawal from the medication that's not be covered by the Seroquel as I thought it would. Has anyone else had any problems stopping Rexulti? I think my mood is okay, but it's hard to tell. I'm not anxious, this really restless and agitated.
  11. I started with half a mg for 2 weeks, 1mg for two, 2mg for one then back to 1mg. I’ve since switched back to seroquel but still dealing with the anxiety a week later. I think I need to wait for the Rexulti to leave my body.
  12. I think I want off the experimentation train. I’d been hoping to transition off to another, less sedating med from seroquel as I have a newborn at home and wanted to be able to help my wife at night. 3 months later of trying Latuda and Rexulti and I’m miserable. Talking to my wife, she’d rather me be stable than up at night so I’m going to request going back to seroquel. Not perfect, but pretty good considering my pass med failures. Thanks though.
  13. Since my last post on the 2nd, I've been trying to get in touch with my pdoc about the crazy anxiety I'd been having with Rexulti and wanting to switch to something to get my anxiety under control. I emailed him the details of what I'd been going through on Thursday, and he didn't respond until late Friday night that I needed to schedule an appointment to see him. I know he doesn't discuss details in emails for privacy reasons, so I wasn't too concerned about the short response, but since I emailed him back on Friday night, he hasn't responded at all to my email, nor my follow up email today, 5 days later. I made it clear that I have been struggling with tons of anxiety and insomnia, which for me, are big precursors to a dip in mood (so far so good) and no word yet. He's historically been very good at responding to emails in the past, so it kind of makes me feel like he's ignoring my emails or refusing to answer them. I've also had no success with his answering service, as the only open appointment slots were only editable by him only (I know he keeps these slots open for emergency visits). I know I'm a difficult patient when it comes to side effects, but he didn't mention anything to me about that in the past. Does any of this sound like a possibility?? Or am I just being paranoid? Is there another way I could try to reach out short of arriving at his office without an appointment (of course I know this is a bad idea)?
  14. Unfortunately at the SRI/SNRI class give me crazy anxiety and makes me feel mixed. The only one I haven't tried is Pristiq.
  15. I’m a difficult nut to crack because I suffer from anhedonia issues but typical stimulating or brightening meds really mess with my anxiety. Abilify did this to me during a med trial when my diagnosis was MDD. I tend to do better with sedating drugs like seroquel as far as tolerability goes. Seroquel was great in all aspects but two, dragging my ass out of bed and not taking care of the anhedonia.
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