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  1. Tea, everyone who has been on my treatment team (and several other people besides) credits my being alive to my dog. ...which is not to say that's everyone's experience. But. They can be good distractions and give you meaning when you feel like there isn't any. I love animals anyway but I'm also really interested in the psychological benefits animals can have, my family dog use to be wonderful so I imagine having my own now would help a lot too
  2. Thank you everyone, I need better distractions then it seems, I'm hopefully getting a dog soon which would be the perfect distraction I think as they're generally happy creatures & need a lot of focus on them
  3. Thanks for replying guys. Think I need to just work on ways to deal with them when the happen, doubt there's a way to prevent them really.
  4. Not sure if this is the right thread but it seemed the best one for this post. For a long time I've been experiencing intrusive thoughts in the form of quite graphic images of self harm, I'm not going into more detail due to being triggering but needless to say it can get pretty upsetting. I feel like its different from actual urges, its not a desire to do it, its literally just intrusive images. Yes sometimes they are triggered by an upsetting event but some of the time they just occur randomly. Has anyone experienced anything like this? Where the urge to do it isn't really there but the images are? If so, do you do anything that helps?
  5. I don't know if its ok that I post this here, seemed the most relevant board but please move/delete if needed. Background: 20, female & in a relationship with a male for over 4 years. Problem: Ever since I was young I've been curious about women, I've felt attraction, including sexually, towards some women and I'm fascinated by the female body. The impression my senior school gave was that to be bisexual, you would be judged as an attention seeker, so I suppressed those thoughts & did nothing about it. Then in my last year of school I began dating my current boyfriend, I became sexually active & convinced myself I was 100% straight. However the past few months have felt different, I found out my best friend is both bisexual and gender fluid which made me wonder why I was always so uncertain & ashamed that I could never be so brave as to admit all that to both friends and family. I've been thinking a lot and I'm pretty sure that I am indeed bisexual. My dilemma is the fact I've been in a straight relationship for so long, do I just keep silent due to the risk of ruining this relationship I'm very happy in or do I not keep secrets and hide how I feel. I honestly dont know how my boyfriend would react, he could be supportive and not mind or he could feel alienated and think im no longer attracted to him, which is not the case. Sorry for the long post, any advice would be loved though :/
  6. You sir seem like a gentleman & a scholar!
  7. Because I wasnt feeling so great during the summer exams I had to take mine with the resit students last week. Because I'm yet to get my results it means I cant yet register for my second year & pick my elective modules Out of all the modules available there are only one in each semester that appeal to me, I'm dreading those modules being full up and me being left with duds that I'll hate
  8. I'm feeling good, a little excitable. Lets enjoy it while it lasts.

  9. Feeling so angry and shitty today, really not good.

    1. nonuser


      I'm sorry. feeling kind yuck here too

  10. I hate being made to feel weak or like im not trying because on my mental illnesses :(

  11. 'The willingness to saddle your family with the pain and misery and anger that will now plague them for the rest of their lives' - most people who commit suicide, in my view at least, think they'll be relieving their family of any burden & misery. This sort of attitude will just further ingrain guilty thoughts in those feeling suicidal. 'It makes us feel better to say that depression is only a disease and that there is no will and choice in suicide, as if a person who kills themselves is as much a victim as someone who succumbs to leukemia.' - this just made me angry, often people are as powerless to mental illness as someone with physical illness. This whole blog post just made me annoyed BUT ITS OK! All we need is some joy & hope & we can overcome our mental illnesses, huzza im cured!
  12. I'm sorry you're having such a hard time at the moment, I hope things pick up for you soon
  13. I'm sorry you're having such a hard time right now Mal, I hope it passes for you soon. I'll be thinking of you.
  14. Glad you can email your pdoc, hopefully you get some answers I try to make sure I dont overload myself with tasks, avoid caffeine as thats a big trigger for me, force myself to not start a spending spree & try to ensure I wind down at night time & get enough sleep
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