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    Circus, Arts, Writing, Reading, Music (obviously), I want to be a nurse, and help people because I wasn't helped :)
  1. I haven't showered or changed my clothes in 3 days now, and I haven't really left me room either.... BUT! Seeing this I have picked up clothes and i'm gonna go shower and I'm gonna get dressed and just to put the middle finger up to world today, I'm gonna go round to the shops for some milk! Awesome idea write
  2. Spent an hour trying to lick my nose, still no luck :(

    1. Wooster


      This amuses me to no end and reminds me of a kid in my grade at school who could stick his tongue up his nose.

  3. I totally get you, if your jobs the thing that pulls you along have you thought about doing some work at home? Like if you were a teacher plan awesome lessons at home and preoccupy yourself, or if your a paeds nurse think up ways to help kids be happier getting treatment but treats or distractions. You get me? Maybe looking up the other meds that could help you and take a good look at the side effects, would any of them not interfere too much with work? Like not make you drowsy or feel sick all the time? Forums can be difficult to get a lot of help, the chat feature is really good there is al
  4. Sleep! Need Sleep! Oooh coffee...

  5. Like ^ you can wrap tools like blades in layers and layers of tape and newspaper or something like that, so it takes a while to get into which means maybe you'll change your mind before you get to them?
  6. CrazyFail - Suicide threats aren't needed, have you tired talking to your doc to see about seeing help again? Summer is always bad with people who are depressed. Well with me. You feel like you need to do something cause its summer kinda thing, maybe see if you can see a psych and get one some meds even temp ones? Hope your ok *hugs*
  7. I kept it a secret for years! It only came out when I ran into some trouble with education and that the self-harming stopped me progressing, LONG STORY, everyone in my family knows now. My mum is very uncomfortable and tries not to talk about it but when she sees anything fresh she kinda huffs and goes "Sarah please for the love of god dont tell me THOSE ONES are new!". So not very supportive. My brothers know and are sorta supportive, give me an ear if i need it to talk, or a shoulder if i need a good sob. My sister knows, and even though being through similar depression and trouble
  8. Hey guys I'm Sarah and New! I'm depressed. Crazy. Self-Harmer. Borderline. Trainee- Nurse If you want to chat or help me get started then you are AWESOME So fav coulour: Purple Into Rock! Talk to me!!!!!!! xxxx
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