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    Circus, Arts, Writing, Reading, Music (obviously), I want to be a nurse, and help people because I wasn't helped :)

About Me

Hey I'm Sarah.

I don't use any cool fonts or anything, probably to stupid to do it anyways.

Self-Harmer. 6 years.

Bulimic. "Recovering".

Partners-in-crime: Borderline. Anxiety.


I write a lot, not the best at it, but it helps at least.


Here to chat, offer support, get support?


new and friendly :)


I write a bit of poetry as well as prose, this is an example of a sarah poem :)


I tear away what used to be,
A fragile face for all to see,
With crooked smile and blackened eyes,
I turn back clocks and turn back time.

To a face that no-one sees,
With light that hides,
Within the dark, within the soul,
Peaking through when no-one knows.

No-one knows that she resides,
Behind those blackened eyes,
But when they shed those tears,
She shines, 'til darkness reappears.

Tries to escape, to break on through,
The darkness is too thick for her claws to rip,
She's far too tired, far too sick,
Maybe I needed to be wanted.


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