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  1. It could be many things.. Blood pressure, blood sugar, syncope; just to name a few All can cause one to feel faint, dizzy, dissociative, and pass out, and even seize (if they are so hell bent on it being a seizure). Did anymore see it happen, or just the paramedics say that when they got there? The doctor will be able to sift through the details and your tests (or whatever he or she decides to do) and give you better concrete and more comforting answers. I hope you are doing better, and have not had any more episodes!
  2. I am very excited to hear this myself, and am looking into employment there in the future while attending school. I was actually told to either take my piercings out (lip, eyebrow) and cover my tattoos or I would be fired; AFTER policy was CHANGED. Meaning that I was hired with all my differences. I was quite upset, especially because I had no choice. The piercings were taken out and the tattoos were covered. Unfortunately I am a fast healer, and my lip piercing was healed after the 9.5 hour shift. Over 100$ in piercing and accessories in the garbage, as well as a piece of my identity
  3. My cousin is a great Obamacare supporter, and was ecstatic to sign up. She recently found out it would not cover her diabetes medication she has taken (and has kept her stable) for over 9 years, and it would be around an extra $500 a month to stay on it. She is not as ecstatic, to say the least. I am wondering about my own circumstances, and how that will play out with my own medications
  4. My experience with electronics has to do photosensitivity, and is the greatest triggers for my seizures (second being little sleep & stress). Basically meaning moving lights & patterns trigger the electrical activity in my brain (to put it simply, but more info on the interwebs). And it tends to occur when I'm watching a program (on a television, in a theatre, or a projector in a classroom), riding in the car and seeing the sun through the trees, or watching patterns move on the computer, phone, tablet (or even paper!). But in a more specific example: I start to feel woozy, and I t
  5. OR have you ever had the idea of trying to exhaust your thoughts (as in, think until you run out of thoughts) so it stops the "thinking cycle"? It sounds GREAT in theory. But yeah, uh...no. Also my MIL always tells me to "just close your eyes, breathe, and relax" and at that point in time I want to punch her in the face. TBH after trying several sleep-aids including OTC & prescription (everything from Trazadone to Ambien to Seroquel), and nothing worked.... I, myself, had over a year long battle of getting off all BP, depression & anxiety meds to "start my body fresh" a
  6. Wow! 60% really?? I believe it, but yet its hard to empathize because the majority of my migraines come with pain and aura. And without medication, I have a migraine on average 3-6 x a week. So when I think migraine I think pain. Thanks for asking I should have updated when I had the EEG done. I did have the EEG done, and it came back normal. Neuro said he had no explanation for it because it only happened those 2 times last December. And that was about it. He does ask if I'd had the smells every time I see him (about once a month) so I know it is in the back of his mind,
  7. I understand the issue with the lights & colors, I also have that with computer screens, televisions, phones, tablets, and other electronics along with projectors. However I am not understanding what you mean by 'slight convulsions in your neck and chest'? What do you classify as a convulsion?? I agree a great deal with O's comments about having an understanding with your psychiatrist; and let him know that you are worried about seizures. That way he can stay away from medications that lower the seizure threshold, and try to prescribe medications than can help when treating other issue
  8. Sometimes, when watching movies I have to "take breaks" because of intense parts. It also happens while on the internet reading articles, and stories, and such. Most (if not all) of he time it is in conjunction when I relate to it, especially with MI & past trauma.
  9. I had the quote issue when I updated to the new Explorer. Something with IE11 I believe.
  10. Have you ever gotten up for work, showered/washed hair, put your make-up on, started to put mousse in your hair and instead rubbed it all over your face? Some days I think I belong in a nursing home where someone can take care of me.

    1. upset.the.world


      I nearly put chapstick under my arm instead of deodorant the other day. Does that count?

  11. Many of today's studies on gut issues are coming up with mind-cut connections; ranging from Celiac, to Crohn's, to Colitis, to IBS. As well there is an inquisition on the matter of the gut containing a large portion of our immune system & balances (as well as our immune deficits). Makes you think twice about what food you put in your body. Say, what?? I have never heard of such a thing! For some odd reason it brought to mind of new mothers eating their placenta to balance out their body after birth. I can't say I am surprised to hear it has been thought of and being practic
  12. What. The. Fuck. Really??? In what medical book, exam, experiment, or lecture, did ophthalmologists (or any specialist) learn that anxiety & depression cause direct vision problems (or severe joint pain? or severe fatigue?) to the point it should not be treated by medical professionals? I had an ophthalmologist during a routine eye exam give me a lecture because I explained how I thought I had astigmatism. He became agitated, gave me a brochure on astigmatism and said "read this outloud". So I did. And he said, "what does that mean?!". And I said "It means exactly what I explained"
  13. Exactly. The term "high functioning" is greatly misinterpreted with neurotypicals, including professionals. People make the mistake in comparing high functioning autistics to people not on the spectrum because we can function relatively normally, instead of comparing to people on the lower end of the spectrum. FWIW Gearhead, I bolded that because I relate to it immensely. I can not read analog clocks, I have trouble with visual-spatial problems and numbers, and when it comes to time...I can not differentiate time much at all. For me, there is little difference between 2 days and 7 days
  14. I despise this. Especially when I have to get a referral for each specialist I see, it takes weeks to get an appointment to see such specialist, and then I have to travel an hour into the city to get to that appointment. Just to be humored & turned around, and then later told by my psychiatrist why that specialist was wrong and how I "should see (specialist)...". It's ridiculous.
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