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  1. Bring it on! I'm glad I'm not part of this club for the long term that only discriminates the sensitive and refuses to apologize under the civil rights act of 1964!
  2. Well, I can tell you that I am not here because of what someone said to me. Don't prove it to me. Prove it to yourself!
  3. If all of you are immortal to insults why are you here in this forum still?! Better yet why don't workers harass customers as well?
  4. Last week I sprained my wrist at my receiving stock job. I filed an injury report after the day of the injury because the morning after I worked very hard, my wrist was in severe pain. When I went back to work that day to file the paperwork, I was being harrassed by my co-workers. On worker was saying, "Oh, poor baby." Another said, "Do you know what a pain in the ass he is?" Another worker mocked my condition by pretending to be injured and tried to make others laugh. Since that time, I have been seeing an occupational work doctor and wearing a splint. I found out today that I will be returni
  5. I start tomorrow in the actual position. The manager called me last night asking if I could start tomorrow earlier. I am very worried about screwing up. With my severe anxiety, I might forget the instructions given to me by the manager during my on-the-job training. Its really difficult for me to process the information or instructions given to me by people. I need the job, I need the money. Even though its only 9 hours a week for now.
  6. Okay, so I got hired at a big retail chain store last week, and today was my orientation and training day. I was given my badge and handbook. I completed my I-9 forms and direct deposit too. That was the good news. My training shift today started from 10am to 6 pm. It was to basically watch training videos on their computers and take quizzes afterwards. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to finish my training today before 6pm. I told them I had a few modules left and they booked me my next follow-up training for next wednesday of next week in order to finish the remaining modules. Why next week? Why
  7. I'm 26, only 5'7'', recent college graduate with no paid job (just volunteer work), and have never been on a date or relationship before. Whenever I log onto pof.com, zoosk.com, gk2gk.com, match.com, okcupid.com, and nolongerlonely.com, I get really hopeless about someone responding to my messages. Nobody ever responds to me. I have become less motivated to put a lot of effort in messaging someone. Why bother, right? Maybe I was never meant to find someone in my life.
  8. I have been struggling with major depression for many years. I used to apply for jobs with hope and enthusiasm everyday, but currently, I don't do that anymore. I spend my days just doing household chores, sleeping, watching youtube videos, and volunteering at an aquarium once a week. I have no desire to look for jobs. What if I am never able to work? Am I a loser at life?
  9. I want to be a puppeteer, but I have severe social anxiety. I already made two hand puppets, but acting them out in front of an audience is a problem. Should I just shelve this potential career and move on with something else different, or what do you recommend? Maybe my desire to become a puppeteer is another result of my psychotic depression and a delusion of grandeur? Here are examples of puppeteering:
  10. I check www.muppetcentral.com forums about becoming a puppeteer and learned that becoming a puppeteer is not like in the old days where you walk into a television studio with a puppet/idea and easily land a gig. Nowadays, there are way more supply than demand. Plus with my social anxiety, acting out the puppet makes puppeteering very difficult.
  11. Well, I got an interview at Target on Monday. I am worried about screwing up the interview.
  12. Well, i didn't show any signs of being on meds because I took my zoloft afterwards. But I was really nervous during the whole interview. The zoloft would have helped though. I felt like i was pushed to the extreme. But of course they are a startup and want their company to succeed and not fail and they want to make sure they hire the right one. I'm glad I wasn't hired. I didn't know much about that field of work since that was outside of my major.
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