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  1. I've taken all the antidepressants and am now working my way through the MAOIs. I started with Parnate and uptitrated to 60 mg by October 1, 2013. Now I'm having poop-out. I asked in another thread about augmenting with dopamine agonists (Requip, Mirapex) but here I am interested in people who have taken Nardil or Marplan. It seems Nardil is the "high side effect MAOI". Is that true? I've also repeatedly heard that Parnate is activating while Nardil is sedating. That will be strange for me, as I found Parnate quite sedating, and had to take naps every afternoon to be able to function. I keep hearing/reading good things about Marplan. Anyone taking that? I'm super interested in your experiences!
  2. Pdocs have, for a while now, used dopamine agonists as augmentation agents when antidepressant response is not so great. To some degree, this route has been replaced by using the atypical antipsychotics/second generation antipsychotics (SGAs) as augmenters. But I have taken nearly all the antidepressants and all of the available SGAs, and my pdoc is talking about trying the dopamine agonists. They include: Requip (ropinirole) Apokyn (apomorphine) Mirapex (pramipexole) Symmetrel (amantadine) Parlodel (bromocryptine) It's funny that the SGAs are dopamine *antagonists* used to augment, yet the dopmine agonists, above, are also used to augment. I'd love to hear stories of experiences from people who are using these agents to augment the AD. I'm not as interested in people who are using these agents to combat Parkinson's Disease. Thanks!
  3. Hi. I find that Latuda causes me to wake up in the middle of the night if I take it at dinner. It doesn't prevent me from falling asleep; I fall asleep and then 90 minutes later am UP and am up for sometimes three hours. (Granted, I also take Parnate, which is known for its sleep fracturing.) My pdoc suggested the sensible step of taking the Latuda in the a.m., but I don't really eat breakfast, and as you're supposed to take it with food that's a problem. I think I'll put it in my backpack and try to remember to take it at lunch. Thank the Lord I don't have the akathisia-esque responses some of you have had.
  4. Okay, two weeks. Thank you everyone. You're right--Seroquel is an excellent sleep-promoter. I used to take it as an adjuvant to the antidepressants I was on. But the weight gain, risk of diabetes, "fatty liver" and other metabolic side effects were just too great, and we switched to the more recent and "weight neutral" SGAs. I saw the sleep medicine doctor today and we're going to reduce my *craving* for the afternoon nap with a combination of use of the light box in the morning year-round (instead of just in fall and winter) and modafinil (Provigil) at a low dose, 50 to 100 milligrams. Thank you to everyone who replied!
  5. Hello. I've been taking Parnate (tranylcypromine) 60 mg/d for eight (8) months and the side effects (the fragmented sleep and the anxiety) are starting to eat me alive. I haven't lost response to the antidepressant properties of the medication. These side effects have become very bad in the last month. For the sleep we've tried zolpidem and zaleplon. We can't use any of the antidepressant sleep meds (mirtazapine, doxepin, trazodone) for obvious reasons. At this point I fall asleep for an hour and a half. That's usually it for the night. Then, in the afternoon, I will get hit by a wave of exhaustion that knocks me out for between two and three hours. Please don't tell me not to take naps. Sleep medicine doctors are on it; it is not a "nap"--it's getting hit by an avalanche. For the anxiety we've tried about four different SGAs as well as raising my clonazepam as well as lamotrigine. We even tried gabapentin. One of the worst problems is that because the MAOI interacts with *everything*, we have an arm tied behind our back in fighting these side effects. So two questions: (1) Is there something you could think of that would allow me to stay on the Parnate/tranylcypromine? But what I'm really wanting to know is (2) How long do I have to be off the Parnate before I can begin my old, beloved regimen of venlafaxine and EMSAM? A request: I'm sleep-deprived and irritable and don't think I could handle replies that are overly pedantic or patronizing. Thanks.
  6. Oh, man, I just saw this from NeptuneSky and cannot let it pass, even though Retromancer said exactly the right thing: "Perhaps you could use the money you spend using the internet to pay for food etc?" Look, NSky, there is a reason that libraries are crowded with homeless people so often, and it's not because they're playing MMRPGs. They're on Craigslist, desperately looking for gigs or for ads for some little thing they may be able to sell. OR they're using the computers to apply for benefits and check on the status of their applications. OR they're using the internet to find groups to meet with that support their mental illnesses, such as depression support groups (a la the DBSA or NAMI). I am no longer homeless, but my internet service is one of the last things I would give up. It provides connection in a life where, for various reasons, I must cope with terrible isolation. Your comment--that I use the small sum I pay for Internet to instead pay for coffee filters--is just the sort of (a) useless and (b) offensive and © ignorant and (d) moralizing stuff I was originally complaining about. Instead of taking the position that I'm doing the best that I can--which people in poverty are often doing--it takes the position that I am somehow responsible for my own suffering. Because it's more comfortable for people to believe that.
  7. Thank you, retromancer. The topic drift of this post is very interesting. Except for the two welcoming replies (thank you, Flameless and jt07) I've heard a lot about how naughty it is to steal. Well, I'll consider my palm slapped. It actually did not occur to me to use paper towels. Being manic-depressive--once, when I was really manic (it was during the summer solstice of '09) I went to a K-Mart with a friend and feeling like Superman, stole, of all things /a bottle of Omega-3 fish-oil capsules./ I really ended up suffering for this one, not because there was any punishment (it would have been not guilty by reason of insanity, if it had ever come to that) but because I happened to be arrested on a Friday afternoon and hand to spend the weekend in lockup enduring caffeine withdrawal and one of the cops was--sociopathically cruel and took my meds, which I had ON me, and dumped them all on the floor right in front of my eyes. The experience did, however, lead to a book chapter. So in the end it was a net gain for me. Did I steal a computer? A camcorder? Something edible? Even something for making something else edible (such as coffee filters)? No, I stole fish oil. LOL! Again, though, this post is about the difficulty of being believed and validated. Right? It's about being taken at face value when you say "I have no money." Please allow me to make my legal decisions on my own.
  8. Hi, everyone. I looked for an existing thread to hook this to but could not find one. Ths short story is after trying everything except TCAs other than desipramine I forced my shrink to prescribe Parnate. I take 60 mg/d. It only works when augmented with an SGA (currently using Fanapt). I have the typical sleep fragmentation. I'm not in abyss-mode but I'm so, so sad--it's like the Parnate facilitates the movement of sadness and desperation through me, so I cry all the time. Hell, I was watching reruns of "Friends" and crying at *those.* While I am somewhat preserved from total anhedonia I have almost complete anergia. I cannot do anything except surf the web and go to doctor's appointments. The government provides a "homemaker" to come for two hours per week and that is a godsend--having her here helps to motivate me to clean alongside her. The pdoc and therapist have prescribed a dog (an "emotional support animal") to help with my loneliness and isolation, which is crushing. So I take the 60 mg Parnate, 8 mg Fanapt, 150 mg lamotrigine, and 4 mg clonazepam. I would dearly love to go back on Adderall but it's contraindicated with Parnate (though many pdocs use it) but it makes my blood pressure soar. We are looking into Provigil (modafinil) as a means to prevent the absolute necessity of taking a three-hour nap every afternoon. My pdoc mentioned marijuana, which is medically legal in Massachusetts, my home state. Maybe ... in greater than moderate doses it takes away my motivation even more, but in low doses it might help with the anxiety and the tears. Could I raise the lamotrigine? Sometimes switching the atypical works for a bit--I've also had success with Seroquel, Latuda, and Zyprexa. The problem is that Seroquel and Zyprexa make me eat like a fiend. Ideas, ideas?
  9. Dear Mom, One thing it seems to me that people in general are particularly deaf about is the statement, "I have no money." In my experience, the only people who truly understand this are other people who have been homeless and the DMH [Department of Mental Health] caseworkers. Maybe some therapists. Mark, the millionaire many times over, also seemed, oddly, to understand. To everyone else, "I have no money" seems to mean "I'm low on money," or "I'm feeling a financial pinch," or "I'm awfully strapped for money." I don't mean that. I mean I HAVE NO MONEY. There is no money in an account I have access to. There is no money in my wallet. There are no bills under my mattress. There is No. Fucking. Money. It REALLY pissed me off yesterday when the allergist said, "You don't need a prescription for the allergy covers." Uhh, yeah, big deal. I need a prescription to get Medicaid to PAY for them. That's why I told the receptionist, "The only way for me to get the allergy covers is for me to go to Target and steal them." People do this sort of thing all the time. I was talking to the lady who was going to schedule the interview. She started to give me instructions about parking--people do this all the time. I interrupted her and said, "I don't have a car." Oh! she said, slightly taken aback. Because who, in America, doesn't have A CAR? Adam Lastname used to do exactly the same thing. Bob used to do exactly the same thing. Gabriel just evinced that he does the same thing. Betty? She was so stone deaf about it I ended my friendship over her deafness. Susan and John? I think they live in some sort of hallucinatory world where somehow my once having money, or my once being able to get a job to make money, somehow translates into a present where I do have money. It's the Susan and John causality time-warp. When I used to borrow money from people, something Adam Lastname was always recommending, and they start asking me all these QUESTIONS, I have to somehow keep from shrieking: "I have no money! Don't you think I THOUGHT of X, and Y, and Z? Don't you think it OCCURRED to me that I might try P, and D, and Q? Short of selling my body on the street corner, which would be awfully hard given my relatively chunky state, I HAVE NO MONEY! I HAVE NO PROSPECT OF GETTING ANY MONEY (until January 1). It's not a prospect of having MORE money, or SOME EXTRA money, or A LITTLE MAD money, or a TIP, or a "MAYBE THIS WILL HELP OUT A LITTLE"--it's the FACT, the present, stark, true, undeniable, incontrovertible FACT, OF HAVING NO MONEY!" That's why, in order to try to take some advantage of Gabriel's "present," I had to steal coffee filters from Walgreens. I suppose I could have gone to a public bathroom somewhere and taken a whole lot of paper towels and used them for coffee filters. But that is the sort of completely-without-dignity behavior I had to engage in when I was homeless, and I'd rather throw the fucking coffee away then be reduced to doing that. I am not asking you for money. I have food stamps and will be able to survive. I'm just venting about deafness in general.
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