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  1. I don't know the first thing about mental health. I don't know what it is I am doing. I don't know the names for anything. I am stumbling around in the dark, groping for something solid to hold on to. I don't need all the lights to come on at once, but I hope I can bump into some people in the dark that will hear my stories. Is it really important to find out what is going on with my mind or can I learn strategies that work for me and not have to look at the monsters by the clear light of day? Is specific diagnosis crucial?
  2. I sure admire your strength to come out of hiding. It makes a big difference to read about the victories of others.
  3. I have been stumbling along trying so hard to keep anyone from noticing how hard I struggle. I am scared of people around me knowing what is actually going on for me. I am getting really tired of being so alone, I know the next logical step is to see a professional. Until I work up the courage I would appreciate meeting other people that have come out of hiding.
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