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  1. I had 6 treatments inpatient. Had slight short term memory loss and only about 20% improvement in my anxiety and depression symptoms. 15 years have gone by and it is suggested by my doc to try again, for 9 treatments. Like you meds are not an effective treatment for me - I am diagnosed as Bipolar 2 with some OCD and PTSD. I think the actual treatment weeks were kind of a blur for me - I took naps, had headaches, felt worn out from the ECT treatment itself. My best to you whatever you decide.
  2. Sometimes pets can be more demanding than we can handle when our MI is zapping our energy and positive thoughts. Be it cats and their litter boxes and hair all over - or a dog needing walks and friendly companionship. I haven't checked in much on CB lately, but please know that there are others like you that find a pet to be too much. I had to give a dog back to it's breeder once for multiple reasons. And currently I need to pay for help to come in to clean fish tanks and change litter and take animals to vets. If it wasn't for the help I would have had to find homes for many of my pets. If dog goes back to shelter try to go easy on yourself. Your sanity needs to come first - and simplifying your life may help. My best to you.
  3. To justalittleunstable: -Thanks for bringing up a more light-hearted topic. Nice to get to know fun little details of other members life. One day another person brought up hair styles and if we liked going to salons. To Mim: -The rancher had almost 800 calves born in May. It is fun to see the bonding and watch the calves run and chase one another. -My community fish tank is in my kitchen and is soothing. 36 gallons - The bristle-nosed plecos had 10 live babies. Need to relocate some. There are 5 catfish and 12 tetras also. I had Mollies but they were aggressive. I have tried snails but they can reproduce at incredible rates. When my mood is raw and dark I have 2 Amish teens come and help w/ animal chores and housecleaning.
  4. A yellow lab named Solomon - but he got called other names today for he chewed up my best and only high heeled sandals (and he is 3 yrs old). 10 cats - aged 4 months to 14 yrs. My favorite is Rosie - a Siamese cross with white feet. I keep them flea-free and all but Rudy, the little guy, are spayed or neutered. 2 fish tanks - one for fantails, one a community tank. My only neighbor is a beef farmer, so there are 1500 red Angus in the fields around me.
  5. I began on 10mg in February. Upped to 20mg in July. I must take by noon with breakfast to avoid tummy or insomnia problems. Otherwise is most successful AD I've taken in 15 years. My best to you.
  6. Welcome to CB!! I rarely write much on this site for my self confidence has been a problem for a long time. But I feel that Brintellix can be a very positive drug for depression treatment. I began taking it in February 2014 and within 2 weeks felt lessening of pre-existing suicidal feeling. The doctor said people often feel more alert - it is known for helping cognitively early in treatment. I did indeed feel "smarter" and read again and tried out new recipes. I take it in the morning for it has a mild stimulating effect , but is not anxiety causing for me. Tummy problems leave quickly and you would do best taking it with your first meal of the day. My best to you as you start this new medication. Again, welcome.
  7. That is the reaction I had - after I shook off the haziness of the anesthetic I felt more sociable and the depression was loosening it's grip on me. Then by the next treatment I wasn't as good. I only had 6 treatments and they changed all my meds. Looking back I wish we had opted for 9-12 treatments as originally planned. My grandmother had ECT and was well for 6 yrs before needing to repeat it. Hope you have a supportive family or friends at this important time. Eat and sleep well if possible. Take good care.
  8. I like small hair salons with friendly, chatty stylists. Change color and hair style often. Currently have a choppy short cut ." Chocolate cherry" color with black low lights. Like hair fussed with, but don't like big mirrors and bright lights in most salons. Sounds like you have a cool, sassy cut. I like the mixed colors and short sides look. Wish I was more creative/ daring.
  9. I have seen Adderall make a difference from the first dose. Sounds like it did what it is supposed to for ADD - help you stay w/ a task and concentrate better. Also can energize you if depression is the problem. Hope it proves helpful whether ADD or depression is the culprit causing your "brain fog" as I call it. Your brain is just as smart as ever I bet - mental illness can "dull" us at times. But better days may be ahead - and Adderall may be a plus. Just don't take 2nd dose too late and then have your sleep messed up. My best to you.
  10. I thankfully am restarting Nardil today. I was on it for treatment resistant depression for 2 years with 80% success of beating down the dark depression and only being slightly hypo-manic. All of my meds except ativan and advil were stopped for a while. They now believe I had a viral overload and fibromyalgia flaring. I will be taking 45mg Nardil at the end of 2 weeks - all at bedtime. A couple times I did get a racing heart from drinking too much coffee on the Nardil. I did not find the diet too difficult . Find a modern list of diet and med restrictions - some are outdated. When I did "cheat" on the diet it was only in small ways such as 1 piece of pizza with veggies (none of the restricted meats). I eat a small handful of raisins on and off. 2 caffeinated drinks a day. No aged cheese, meats, alcohol. Yellow bananas - no speckles. No decongestants. For me it has proven to be be the most helpful treatment. Works on many neurotransmitters. Keep the doctor in the loop and this "older drug" could be great for you. Be careful off the foods and meds that are limited or unacceptable. For me it worked quickly and well on my last try. My best to you for better days ahead.
  11. Although I am old enough to be your mother, I understand young college guys who are witty and talk about life so matter of factly. (My son just graduated in Dec 2012. He took the "long way" - dropped out to drink heavily for 3 years, then sobered up.) Dry sense of humor is good. Gaming takes skill I don't possess. My best to you to beat the depression and to be able to stick with college. Good luck with that essay and welcome to CrazyBoards!
  12. Welcome to Crazyboards! People here are unique and interesting - yet we all seem to have something in common. Yarn and knitting baffle me. But I could probably win contests with my apple pie. Many of us have dog and or cats. I am a cat person - have 10 rescued kitties of various colors and attitudes. Hoe you are doing well in spite of conflicting diagnosis's.
  13. I am sorry you struggle with being treatment resistant. As long as you and your Dr. can keep trying to work thru it together that helps. The Klonopin dose of 1 mg BID is reasonable, but I understand your tolerance concern. Taper slowly. I take Propanolol ER for both blood pressure and anxiety/ muscle tension, thus at a higher dose -80mg in a.m. and 160mg at bedtime. I have had no problems with it even at this dose- unless I skip meals and then there is dizziness. I hope that you and you Pdoc can find the right drug combo. I am in the process of starting with a new doc since being granted SSD and being given Medicare. A bit of a nightmare since I need to find an anti-depressant and taper off of so much Ativan (6 mg total daily). My best to you in dealing with med changes and having such a refractory form of illness. You sound like a clever, interesting person. Hope you get some relief in the upcoming days and the pharmacy stops messing up.
  14. Please try to get some calories in you - especially early in the day. After having a baby your hormones and feelings are all over the place. Made worse for you with depression and anxiety and "the deadbeat dad" to up the stress. Yes, anxiety and now blood sugar from not eating can be horrible. Don't worry about nutrition for a few days - just get a milkshake or smoothie or juice and toast or a donut and coffee in you for instance. Nibble on salty nuts and chocolate. I'm sorry that this is such a rough time for you.
  15. Hello and welcome to the CB site. My only child is now 29 yrs old and bought his first house today. But I remember those first weeks after his birth and my thoughts go out to you with a new baby. She will bring you great joy and the first years are fast and precious. Ahh, but the first month or two can be challenging in so many ways. I hope the Wellbutrin goes to work on your depression and anxiety quickly. Sleep when she sleeps if you are able. Keep meals simple and healthy. Take care. Again, welcome to crazy boards and to motherhood!
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