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  1. My ex boyfriend of 14 years is serving 50 years in prison and has been away for 7 years and I have in many ways still not been able to move beyond it.
  2. What a great list of helpful ideas! Here are some things that keep me going: * God * My daily meditation * My workouts ( cardio ) * My medication * My online Classes I really wish I had a dog. I know that would help relieve my depression a lot but pets are not allowed where i live
  3. A good way to advocate for yourself is to document the activities you have been doing and record if and how much it makes you feel better. In Dr. David Burns Book " The New Mood Therapy" he has an exercise where you schedule activities to do, and than record a number determining how easy it was for you to do and if you felt any pleasure from it. I think it would only be fair for your doctor to make a med adjustment after you show him you have been doing your part to help with your depression. It is very true that meds can not do everything, but you should also be feeling a relief from depressive symptoms on your current med. Wishing you good luck and I hope your depression lifts soon.
  4. I am now on Kik Messenger

  5. I am a business professional with a financial processing job that can be very challenging at times and at other times, it can be repetitive. Lately, I have found myself dissociating while doing the repetitive part of my work. I have made enough errors while doing this that my manager has put me on a different project for awhile. I also have inattentive ADHD. Does anyone have any ideas that can help me be more present in the moment while doing repetitive tasks? Thanks!
  6. Also,I found a group that is helpful. http://www.mdjunction.com/positive-thinking
  7. I use affirmations, plan my day the night before and surround myself with positive and forward thinking things. ( Books, people, pictures, movies, music) I have also found that discovering what I sincerely value in life and living my passion has greatly helped my self esteem. I also exercise. Working out is a natural anti depressant and many people ( including me ) get a post workout " lift." There is also a workbook by Dr. David Burns called " 10 Days to Self Esteem" that has been helpful. I think one of the imperative ways to improve your self esteem is to talk back to your negative and self critical talk and to reframe negative thinking.
  8. Wee! Its the Weekend!

  9. Does anyone utilize a mood chart/ tracker on a regular basis? I know there is a variety of mood trackers online to choose from and there are some mobile apps as well. I was just curious if anyone uses a tracker and if you do, which one? I have off and on used a mood tracker but nothing on a consistent basis. I am thinking it would be to my benefit to keep one every day to share with my pdoc. Thanks!
  10. Sylvan please lock this thread. I'm going to start a new one in my blog. Thanks so much with your help with this. Have a super day!
  11. Thanks for your replies. Albert- once the difference between Paxil Cr and regular? I read somewhere that Paxil can loose its effect if you have been on it before and restart treatment, so I thought maybe people over 30 would be more likely to be on round 2 with Paxil.
  12. Thank you for the person that merged the threads. ( You rock!) I am an edgy 6. I have plans to go to a dueling piano bar tonight. I hope I do go and have fun.
  13. Klonopin has always relieved my anxiety much more than Ativan
  14. I have worked with both CBT and DBT and agree with the majority of the replies about CBT. I struggle with it a lot because sometimes I have no cognitive thoughts and I just " feel" depressed, lethargic, down, whatever. I do, however, gain some great strides with a book on CBT by Dr. David Burns called ' The New Mood Therapy." I have found it to be a " pick me upper" at times when I am depressed. I do find that using a triple column technique to sort out my distorted thoughts help.
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