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  1. I think you need to take time to do some major soul searching. I think your plans are amazing, but at the same time you are forgetting to nurture yourself and take your time. You really need to get involved in something that relaxes you, but if like a self-indulgent. Save up money and travel (if you ever wanted to travel), join a group that taste food from other culture, just do something that you always wanted to do, but I think it has to be a hobby that helps you explore yourself. You are at crossroads in your life where you are redefining yourself and finding who you are again in your
  2. Honestly, I don't think it's completely your fault or his. He should have set the right boundaries and made it clear what he will or will not deal with. But, you also should have been taking the right steps to care for yourself. I don't think every situation (some) is one person's fault. I think it's a combination of choices and behavior no matter how big or small those are. You need to take responsibility for your actions and behaviors in this relations and so DOES HE. But at the same time we shouldn't take on the responsibility of other's behavior. You are at fault for how your re
  3. My mood is so horrible today.. in the slump. I slept most of the week away... and now I feel a sense of dread/panic....ugh...why! 

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    2. CherryBlossom


      I took 75mg yesterday and woke up great... but then I drank some coffee... and feeling blah again. Going to take another 50-75mg tonight at 8pm...see how that helps. 

    3. bxt227us


      I hope you feel better soon, Cherry. I go on sleep binges often.


    4. CherryBlossom


      Thank you for the well wish, bxt and sorry for late reply. 

      I didn't even notice how long ago it has been since I been on site. Been so caught up in my head. 

      I hope you are doing well bxt & tammy!

  4. You two need couple therapy. This is a very unhealthy relationship dynamic. There is a lack of personal space, respect for one another, controlling behavior, lack of trust, and many other red flags. You are triggering him and he is triggering you. If he really did just pull down his pants because he was afraid of you becoming violent with him......that is abuse...the fear of saying no. A mediator is needed and maybe even separate living quarters in the house is needed.
  5. I'm sorry to hear that you are going through this. Since I am not married or ever been married my advice would be quite weak. But, the relationships I have seen in my life that have directly affected me....boundaries are a must. I am not sure if I processed what you said correctly, but I read that he is blaming you. Someone who is truly sorry and truly trying to make things right with you would not be trying to shift the blame even a little. You having a bruise shows there was a lot of strength behind his attack (whether accident or not). In addition, even if the attack wasn't meant for
  6. Feet and lower back killing me. 

  7. Cleaned my place top to bottom... bleach & disinfect...but it required me to stay up for close to 20 hours.....still some more sweeping to go.  

    1. tired tammy

      tired tammy

      You can come to my place and clean if you want to!!

    2. CherryBlossom


      lol. I was pretty much awake for 37 hours lol....I did take a 2 hour nap in the car....my body aches. I need to mop the living room and kitchen floor as well as bedroom again, So dusty in this apartment. But god am I am happy....an accomplishment! yay

  8. Well this psychiatrist was a dud... had to really fight tooth and nail. But, finally got my seroquel....just will never go back to these people. Really messed up folks.
  9. They tagged teamed me and thought they could manipulate me into agreeing with their viewpoint. But on the other hand I have seen how much I have grown and developed as a person. I took on an authoritative factual person and didn't back down. I really have grown to the point that I understand who I am and what I am dealing with, not allowing anyone to tell me how I feel or tell me my experience. To me that shows a major growth spurt and I think I understood how all my past experience in the last year has made me grow. I couldn't identify it until this encounter where I had to stand a
  10. With my new psychiatrist and his boss. I told them Oh my doctor put me on seroquel and zyprexa before to help with my anxiety and depression. They were convinced I must have had psychotic break because those meds are only uses for psychosis. Who are they fucking kidding? It's also used for mood disorders...bipolar or depression. Anyone had a weird experience like this just because they have been on the heavier drugs to help their mood and anxiety.
  11. Sorry I just have to say this gif is too funny. Comment to the chat...I guess I'll have no place to linger for the time being, but maybe I will get more stuff done.
  12. Just thought I chime in. While I am far from following a specific spiritual path. I think enlightenment is not really a cookie cut state of being. To me someone who is enlightened is someone who understands their strength & weakness, understand what can be their undoing, knows what they really want and do not want. An enlightened person knows who they are and does not let anyone bring them off their path. Enlightenment happens after a major ending of something in our life. Where us leaving that situation or person leaves us with a better understanding. Many paths tea
  13. idk what his response is. But, if he isn't being clear about what he wants from you...it's probably best to not even bother being in this situation. You were upfront with him that you just wanted a friends with benefits, but doesn't sound like he is defining his boundaries. There is more fish in the sea...I wouldn't really take it to heart because where he is at in his love life may be different from you. You both just want different things or he just doesn't want to really ruin a friendship just to have sex.
  14. Well on a different note. He is in the house now and let's see what happens. I give him a year time before I judge him... but I think he has a poor sense of time because he is promising way too much for a 4 year period. I don't trust him because he has no credentials, has a boat load of bankruptcy which is thrown onto the lower classes, and he put a lot of odd people in position that have no prior experience or education in. But, we are in a climate where people don't want to deal with another politician. But, we'll see what happens.....I pray he is actually better than I susp
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