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  1. May be Triggering for some - not not explicit. Hi All, I've been cutting since I was 12, was diagnosed with Bipolar II when I was 15; which seems to explain why - I've never really figured it out myself. I've had long periods of recovery, and I really thought I had it cracked this time. I was wrong. Last night I relapsed. I'm going to keep working on getting better, and not let this get me down or put me off finding healthier solutions, the usual spiel, but in the meantime I have to deal with the fallout, and I think I need some support with that. My family knows about m
  2. Relapsed into self-harm last night, no idea why! Hopefully just a blip.

  3. Hello All! I am a 19 year old Bipolar II with two younger brothers. One is 18, with likely, if undiagnosed, Autistic Spectrum Disorder/Aspergers Syndrome. My youngest brother is 13, and for many years, on and off, he has developed a compulsive blink. He squeezes his eyes shut hard, and more often than necessary. Most of the time, he doesn't notice he's doing it, but as he's aged, he's mentioned how annoying/uncomfortable it is. At first my mother used to tell him off, but I read a bit about Transient Tics, I realised it wasn't his fault, and convinced her just not to mention it. Howev
  4. Things are going bad, and I'm going back to uni in three days! What's on my mind? I'm scared.

  5. Thanks so much everyone! Melissaw - No, my doctor doesn't know yet. I'm in a weird situation where the only doctor I have regular contact with is my GP (once a month for a repeat prescription). I have a psychiatrist, but he's not very involved with my care. I will mention it to my GP, and if she thinks it's worth doing something about I'll certainly make an appointment with my psyche. Glad to have gotten it out there, feel like there's a weight off my mind. Kristen - good luck with Seroquel, as I said above, it works so well for me, I hope it is the same for you! Akathisia is th
  6. Thanks Lady Bug! I'm glad I have a name for it now. I will definitely talk to my doctor, I do not want it to get worse - such an unpleasant feeling!
  7. Hello! I am new to the board, I hope I have chosen the right forum to pose this question. I've been on 300mg of Seroquel XL for close to three years, for Bipolar II. Almost four months ago I had the dose upped to 400mg. Sometimes I have a feeling that is best described by the Akathisia label, internal feeling of restlessness, external feeling something uncomfortable on my skin. Moving, shaking, rubbing my arms, and etc... helps relieve it most of the time. It is rare and transient; I thought it was connected with mania, but I've had it a few times recently, and have certainly
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