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    When I'm not depressed or too anxious, I love taking pictures, reading, and doing yoga or meditation :)
    I love to laugh about silly things, get lost in my thoughts, & experience new places. Take me somewhere new.

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  1. I have come to the realization that I will never be completely "cured", and now I'm having a mini mental breakdown. I have always wanted to just fit in and be seen as normal

  2. 5 days until we start our move to California! : )

  3. Lexapro: Miracle drug (for me). I never thought I could be this person, a happy person

    1. tired tammy

      tired tammy

      It is a relief to find something that actually works. Congrats!

    2. cosima
    3. kittykatnes


      thank you both :-)

  4. This thread has been incredibly inspiring for me to read. I'm a Program Coordinator Intern at NAMI(The National Alliance on Mental Illness), and a Research Assistant for PTSD research at my husband's base. Both are unpaid, but I enjoy them and they have made my resume look fantastic! Having these experiences will help a lot when I apply to grad school. I plan to get my PhD in Clinical Psychology so I can treat patients and conduct depression research.
  5. I feel the same way. I'm hoping my new medication will give me the energy and willpower to get back into something. I've been told that the best thing to do is just to force yourself to spend about 20 minutes working on a hobby to feel better. And then eventually you will get more interested in it again. It's all in the decision to start. I'm about to meditate and then get through a chapter of learning Japanese. I've been avoiding both of those things because of my depression, but I'm not letting depression boss me around today.
  6. Making a delicious healthy dinner for my husband and I
  7. I have a tabby cat named Nyan (which means "meow" in Japanese). He makes me really happy just because he loves me and my husband SOOO much. lol. I dunno what I'd do without him!
  8. Starting Lexapro tomorrow. I hope this one will be the one. Ready to feel normal and happy again.

  9. Want to start taking an antidepressant, but scared of side effects :/ will the benefits outweigh the risks?

    1. dragonfly23


      Sometimes, but you got start trying them to get the right one :-)

    2. kittykatnes


      The ones I have tried before only made my depression worse to where I would cry all day and had suicide ideation. I don't know why they give me that reaction... but I have an appointment with the pdoc this week to try a new one

  10. I think I want to get a divorce. Sad, lost, afraid

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. kittykatnes


      There are so many other things relating to the military life too. I do need to get back into therapy

    3. tired tammy

      tired tammy

      I have a pretty good therapist, so I am sort of into it since it helps! I bet military life is difficult.

    4. kittykatnes


      I need a therapist like your therapist! I'm glad yours helps you :) I need faith that I will find one I like..

      And it is difficult..but rewarding and exciting if you can make the best of it. It's amazing to get to move so many new places, but it's hard to start over again and again. I just can't bear losing friends again

  11. I just wanted to say thank you to CB and everyone here. Whenever I log on, I feel a sense of optimism & hope. Thank you.

    1. tired tammy

      tired tammy

      I am glad you feel supported! :)

  12. I am in a similar situation... I feel extremely fed up with trying to treat my depression issues. I feel like the "depression" is mild enough that I don't need an antidepressant, and so far I haven't found a therapist that is able to understand or help me. I totally understand wanting to quit everything. I DO NOT enjoy the med-go-round one bit. Whenever I try an antidepressant, I immediately start to have suicidal thoughts and crying spells... It's too much for me. I just don't know how to help any of it. I feel like I just made a step in the right direction though by reaching out to my doctor and discussing finding a new therapist. I don't know if anything will change, but I know if I don't try at all, there is not even a possibility of things changing. This is just something I have to tell myself. Are any of your family members/friends understanding of MI? I would call someone close to you and talk just so you can feel their support (even if they don't necessarily know how to help). This usually makes me feel well enough to make a progressive first step for myself.
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