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    When I'm not depressed or too anxious, I love taking pictures, reading, and doing yoga or meditation :)
    I love to laugh about silly things, get lost in my thoughts, & experience new places. Take me somewhere new.

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  1. I have no passion or dreams anymore.

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    2. kittykatnes


      I will let you know. I think it's just a passing depression funk. One thing I'm doing is training for a 5k. I'm just making myself do it even though I never really *want* to go running, but afterwards I feel great. I think having a little goals help

    3. tired tammy

      tired tammy

      Funny you should mention running. I have been power walking and have completed a 10k and 5k and started the couch to 5k program. I injured my hip on day 2 of running and have wrecked my exercise schedule, so maybe that is why I am having some depressive issues too! I also feel better after exercising. Good luck to you and let me know how your race goes!

    4. kittykatnes


      I really want to do the color run! and i would just really look forward to the races. I want to eventually be able to run crazy distances like 10 miles.

      I did Day 1 of a couch to 5k plan today. It was really refreshing :)

      Good luck to you too, hope you recover from your injury and get back into it!

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