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  1. Other way around for me. My siblings and I all liked each other when I was younger, now one of my older brothers doesn't like me. a. Oh well, shit happens. Don't feel bad about it. He's only 15 and 15 year old boys (no offense to any out there) are notoriously annoying (well at least a lot of them are).
  2. I was prescribed it for sleep. It did NOTHING for me except for give me the occasional pill hangover in the morning. On the otherhand, it made my boyfriend sleep like a baby.
  3. I am not bipolar. I used to take it for epilepsy and depression. My neurologist wants me to go back on it, mainly for the bnenefits with epilepsy, but also because it helps with depression.
  4. I remember you! (You won't remember this name, I changed it). I'm glad things seem to be going well! Will you be dropping by more often? I wish you the best.
  5. I was put on Abilify with the hope being that among other things, it would make me tired and help me sleep. Nope. I was also told it was weight nuetral. Nope. Not unless Celexa was what was making me gain weight. If the Abilify hadn't made me gain weight, and I had seen more of a benefit to being on it (I actually was a bit less depressed while on it), I would most likely still be on it now. It didn't make me fidgety or anything, but I also couldn't really tell if I was on it or not. What was the Abilify and what was the Celexa?
  6. I wonder how much they knew. I mean, how many years of research did they do before it got FDA approved? I know we're the generation for the symptioms of a lot of meds to start showing up. Symptoms that drug companies may or may not have known would happen. So many psych meds are so young. Sorry if this is incoherent, no coffee today. Or sleep.
  7. Raquin


    I hope things work out well with you and that you don't have to sever ties with your aunt, etc.
  8. I put maybe, but I probably should have put yes. Alcholism runs rampant in both sides, drug abuse in at least one side, though possibly both. I'm pretty sure my dad has some sort of mental disorder, maybe bipolar and PTSD from when he fought in WW2. My half-brother has bipolar and a severe substance abuse problem. I think my half-sister has depression, but not sure. Some of my aunts and uncles have depression (I think). I think two of my uncles have a more severe M.I., not positive though. My grandmother on my dad's side definitely had something, my grandfather on my dad's side might have had
  9. Oh man, Seroquel is the devil. At least for people like me for whom it was prescribed for insomnia. Is there an off-label class action suit coming up any time soon? ;P
  10. Raquin


    When you told your mother and your doctor, what did they do? Did your mom say anything to your aunt?
  11. Tramadol gave me a seizure (we think). I forget what AD I was on at the time though. Possibly Wellbutrin. I know I was definitely taking Klonopin (not an AD, I know) and something else, which I also forget. Sorry, not very helpful there! Oh and the seizure was a full on tonic clonic, nasty stuff. I had amnesia afterwards and everything. My lips even turned purplish black.
  12. I don't remember how much I used to take, it was for 'sleep', but damn, the headache the day after SUCKED. Same thing with me and Trazadone. Horrible, horrible, horrible.
  13. There have been royalty of several nations who I have read about who were hysteric, anxious, had panic problems, etc.
  14. "A ban on the drug mephedrone brought in by the Government this month was a rushed decision that further exemplifies how politics is “contaminating” science and the work of government advisers, according to a leading medical journal." The rest of the article is here: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_and_style/health/article7099121.ece
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