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  1. Hey Ladies: Get Funky

    1. yarnandcats


      All the ladies in the house

      The ladies, The ladies

  2. it depends on Who Is Fronting (such a fun, fun game): so there are certain skirts (cargo type with pockets and a hammer loop), overalls (aka coveralls), flannel shirts, a collection of t-shirts that have a certain "hand" to them (ring-spun cotton, i believe), knee socks, Chaco sandals (for half the year) and rain/garden shoes (for the other half of the year). i mean, there are really specific things clothing must pass to even make to the house, so technically any piece in the closet or dresser is comfort clothing to Someone Inside. goodness, that's complicated.
  3. Oooh, about to turn 4,000 on content count; is there a sticker? (better yet a cookie?)

    1. Cerberus


      There are complimentary Crazy Cookies in the community room, but they’re made with irony, so they have a bitter aftertaste, and the batter stirring involves OCD, so they end up like rubber. I don’t recommend them. If you’re still game, the ones with the green sprinkles are laced with antidepressants.

      On the one hand - thank you for being one of us and making such a contribution to the community here. 😃

      On the other, I’m sorry you’ve had 4,000 things to say about life with MI. I guess that makes you a veteran - and the wisdom you share all the more valuable.

  4. hang in there @jarn we're all here if you need to share more, should that help
  5. just wanted to say sending support your way @jarn no real words of wisdom; i get what you're dealing with, though.
  6. i was on victoza (the lower dose sister of saxenda) for type 2 and weight control (along with metformin, funnily enough). it will bring your a1c into a more normal range, for sure. the only way, to my knowledge, to be properly assessed for type 2 is to stop any meds that will interfere with whatever testing is being done (a1c and/or glucose tolerance) beforehand. i also know that some AAPs can cause metabolic syndrome and high lipids are one sign of that but that those can be partly mitigated via diet/lifestyle (if i'm remembering right). if any of this is incorrect, just ignore; this is what
  7. so this is for anyone with any sort of dissociative whatever...and for whomever would like to answer in the broader sense (for any mental health issue), as well: when do you disclose (if ever) your dissociative issues/diagnosis to your physical health care providers? and how? i have need to do so because of relevance to current physical health diagnosis and also because of new med (for physical issue) that has psych side effects. just wondering what other folk's experience and/or advice would be.
  8. Got diagnosed with my second rare disease this week; must be a two-for-one special. 

    1. coraline


      Hopefully it's something you can recover from

  9. if i blast my ears with music through these headphones will the ringing stop?

  10. i think we're not sure what's going on with the update...it does look nice to the eyes, though. some interesting requirements to post blogs. maybe it's just the lack of sleep and nutrition, because putting socks on is confusing right now.
  11. @echolocation, for the cold, could you use a heating pad? sometimes i find that helpful during the day when i'm chilly, even though bundled up. for some reason, the Body has decided to be Very Hungry: stomach growling, even. why? you had food!
  12. Hey, @dancesintherain, I recently had a kidney ultrasound too, and as @Will said, it's a minimally invasive procedure (on the invasive scale). The tech had me roll my shirt up around my bra and tuck a towel around the edges and then roll my pants waist down to just above where my pubes began, tucking another towel in my waistband. The gel is cool to the touch. The thing I found most difficult to deal with was the amount of pushing to get a decent set of images: the more..."you" there is, the more the ultrasound signal has to travel through, and there can be a bit of pushing the probe in your g
  13. actually, that was/is funny; we laughed. don't look up the origin of the word antelope though and expect help: it's not helpful. ("mythical beast with serrated horns living on the banks of the Euphrates") i believe eloping may also refer to some of the traveling that folks with dissociation do too. at least we've read papers and seen it used in that context.
  14. this happened to me for...quite a bit. i just assumed it was due to a crazyboards upgrade or whatever techy thing had happened. then the emails returned. the second time it happened it was fixed after another update or something. i never said anything though and i thought i remember hearing hotmail users were affected? gah. that's stretching the memory a bit.
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