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  1. frustrated but trying to get things done; not certain at success rate. green tea is helping.
  2. mattress-in-a-box: what could go wrong?

    1. fantod


      pop goes the weasel?

  3. speaking from personal experience, and this is just advice (and opinion) as we don't have any intimate knowledge of you/your spouse and this situation: if your spouse cannot sit down for a serious discussion and answer all your questions about texting/tweeting and this colleague, then something is going on. if there is nothing to hide then why not show at least some of the texts/tweets? why not even introduce the two of you? if the partnership both of you have built is shaking because of this, it needs addressing until everyone is satisfied. what to do? there wasn't much we could do when we were in this situation either, except express our dismay and anger. we did look at ways to separate ourselves physically/financially too; because sometimes one has to do the painful thing to protect oneself. ultimately this sort of behavior is a symptom of something deeper that needs addressing within the relationship; not casting blame on any one person: it takes two to make a good partnership and two to make a mediocre or horrible one as well. you can encourage your spouse to be open with you in a kind and gentle way; signal a truce on any divisive issues, clearing (as much as you can for your part) a way for honest conversation. listen without judgement and try to keep a handle on intense emotions; that will go a long way to give a safe space for both of you to speak openly with each other. these are just suggestions and some things we've learned to practice that work for us now. these things may not work for you or you may not be interested in them. whatever you choose to do, strength and peace to you.
  4. pain flare is subsiding; sinus infection = antibiotics; a good cup of hot tea makes it a bit better
  5. stiff, sore & in pain (although acclimating to it)
  6. just adding our thoughts as well: try to log your symptoms, as you recall them; blogging about them here is a good way to do that, so nothing extra is needed that you aren't already doing. that way you have a trail with dates should you need to answer "when did this start?" "how long" etc. keep reaching out to get your concern heard; we like Gearhead's idea about consulting with your pharmacist. strength, cheese!
  7. NPR politics podcast...one of the few things about politics that (usually) doesn't make us want to throw furniture and rant/scream.
  8. did you get a blood pressure monitor? we have a wrist one that is easily operated and gives reliable readings (our primary doctor recommended it). we find keeping an eye on the numbers we can self-monitor (weight, blood sugar, blood pressure) very helpful.
  9. itchy and scratchy finally, though, the cool weather pattern has arrived
  10. pins-n-needles in scalp (mainly) and also other body parts angry/disgusted: what the hell re: the entire US gov't?
  11. sending gentle support pain: spikes through-out the day...
  12. cuspy: season is shifting. everything unsettled. (tdoc tomorrow, thankfully).
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