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  1. Hey Ladies: Get Funky

    1. yarnandcats


      All the ladies in the house

      The ladies, The ladies

  2. Oooh, about to turn 4,000 on content count; is there a sticker? (better yet a cookie?)

    1. Cerberus


      There are complimentary Crazy Cookies in the community room, but they’re made with irony, so they have a bitter aftertaste, and the batter stirring involves OCD, so they end up like rubber. I don’t recommend them. If you’re still game, the ones with the green sprinkles are laced with antidepressants.

      On the one hand - thank you for being one of us and making such a contribution to the community here. 😃

      On the other, I’m sorry you’ve had 4,000 things to say about life with MI. I guess that makes you a veteran - and the wisdom you share all the more valuable.

  3. Got diagnosed with my second rare disease this week; must be a two-for-one special. 

    1. coraline


      Hopefully it's something you can recover from

  4. if i blast my ears with music through these headphones will the ringing stop?

  5. Hoops keeps turning off the touch desk lamp with his paw pads: light on, light off, light on, light off, light on, light off, ad infinitum.

    1. echolocation


      i just wanted to say that Hoops is an adorable name for a cat. at least i'm assuming he's a cat. good name for any animal, really.

    2. Gearhead


      Do you remember The Clapper?


      My dog Henna realized she could turn the lamp on and off by barking just the right way. I have no idea how she made that connection.

      I had to unplug the Clapper.

    3. yarnandcats


      His proper name is Hooper (he's a grey tuxedo cat). It can be pronounced two different ways: hoop-er OR hupp-er. The second way is mainly indigenous to a small area in the Southern Mountains where a large clan of folks sur-named Hooper reside. (Re: The Clapper: that made me laugh really hard).

  6. Guilty?/Secret? Pleasure #47: watching/listening to drum covers on youtube, especially Ginger Baker's work ("Sunshine of Your Love") and Kansas' "Wayward Son."

    1. yarnandcats


      There's just something primal about beating the Hell out of drums and making the sounds sensical at the same time. And yes, I play several instruments, just not the drums.

    2. Fluent In Silence

      Fluent In Silence

      Hard to not like this drum cover.


  7. sugar-induced something-or-other = all night dance party. let's dance, folks.

  8. Anyone else's refrigerator sing bad 80's metal songs? I told J we needed a new one...

    1. saintalto


      My fridge is pretty quiet, maybe it is time for a new one for you.

    2. delusional


      mine makes tapping noises randomly

  9. *everybody sing*

    we have lupus!

    yes we do!

    we have lupus;

    how 'bout you?

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    2. dancesintherain


      sorry yarn 😞

    3. echolocation


      i hope having a diagnosis helps your care team find you some relief.

    4. yarnandcats


      thanks all y'all; new meds are helping and reading about lupus (SLE) too. like most things, this is a journey.

  10. mattress-in-a-box: what could go wrong?

    1. fantod


      pop goes the weasel?

    2. yarnandcats


      actually it almost smooshed a cat

  11. where's the reset button?

  12. when is it going to start snowing?

  13. it's good to come back to friends.

    1. jt07


      Welcome back!

    2. yarnandcats
  14. support to all! wading through lots of medical testing right now: blood work, scans, etc. tube time! 

  15. where can we get french fries at 1:30 am? 

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    2. yarnandcats


      what? no Sonic? ;) 

    3. KnickNak


      Lol darnett! I knew I forgot one ?

    4. yarnandcats


      aaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnd: Pizza Hut! got fries there this afternoon.

  16. sitting at kitchen table, looking at newly risen waxing crescent moon outside window. cats asleep.

  17. right: now that it's midnight o'thirty you're hungry, eh, body?

    1. Gearhead


      Is that just the meds talkin'?

    2. yarnandcats


      don't think so...we're uncertain about just how much food has been eaten over the last 2 days. YMMV re: food definition (bugs? just lettuce? ice cubes?)

  18. overwhelmed by anxiety; fighting off the avalanche with a spoon. gah.

  19. just ignore all those ppl behind the curtain; we're a single entity, promise.

  20. who is making cornbread upstairs at 2 am? 

    1. Gearhead


      The cornbread fairy. Duh.

    2. yarnandcats
  21. starting to de-materialize: family approaching in 48 hrs. omfgs.

    1. fantod


      tell me they did not dematerialize you all the way.  worried about you.

  22. ugh: puking cats!

    1. amianthus


      aww, I hope that they (and you) are okay. Was more than one puking on the same day?

    2. chem


      Blech. It sucks when they puke. I hope they feel better soon!!

    3. yarnandcats


      thanks, ya'll. it was just one of the Five...but she puked in the bed! and woke All Of Us up, which we guess is good, because it needed to be cleaned up. 

  23. "ancient runes is in the same time as divination." what will we ever do???! ;)

  24. what would psycho yarn do? 

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    2. yarnandcats


      sort of. thanks.

    3. saintalto


      Are things improving for your partner?

    4. yarnandcats


      everything is still rather rough/ragged 'round the edges here. so no, not really. but hey, look at these cats.


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